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Wood Effect Tiles to suit every type of home

More and more people are choosing wood effect porcelain tiles over the real thing. Why? Because they are practical, cost efficient, low maintenance and durable, and with today’s modern technology porcelain can be made to resemble almost anything including wood. You would be forgiven for thinking these wood effect tiles were the real thing.

The wood effect tiles can be put on any room you like:

• Bathroom Tiles

• Kitchen Tiles

• Living room Tiles

• Bedroom Tiles

• Hallway Tiles

• Outdoor Tiles

• Wall Tiles

Why not think outside the box and use wood effect tiles on the wall – they can be used a feature wall tile and create a perfect frame or backdrop in any room.

Wood Effect Tiles for Indoor Décor

Wood effect tiles are perfect for interior décor. They will fit in with almost any type of property and we have ranges to suit everyone. From highly polished wood effect tiles, to a rustic reclaimed or vintage wood effect tile, we have something to suit everyone.

As these tiles are made from porcelain they are perfect to be used in large living spaces and can be used with all types of underfloor heating.