Wood Effect Tiles

Wooden floorboards are seen as a hugely desirable home feature – but why shell out for the real deal when you could achieve the same look and effect with durable ceramic and porcelain tiles?

With a number of fantastic finishes to choose from, our wood effect tiles could be the flooring solution you’ve been looking for. Read More

Budget Wood Effect Tiles

  1. Scandi Wood
    Prices from £7.00
  2. Barnwood
    Prices from £7.57
  3. Burnt Wood
    Prices from £4.49
  4. Smallwood
    Prices from £0.44
  5. Native Wood
    Prices from £1.98

Premium Wood Effect Tiles

  1. Natural Wood
    Prices from £13.12
  2. Boardwalk
    Prices from £3.20
  3. Timber
    Prices from £6.94
  4. Nordic Forest
    Prices from £11.50
  5. Driftwood
    Prices from £5.39
  6. Rustic Wood
    Prices from £2.35

Wood Effect Tiles

There’s no denying the appeal of natural wood flooring. The sound it makes underfoot, the texture, and the variations in details all combine to make it a wonderful addition to your home. But when you consider it practically, real wood isn’t always the superior flooring choice.

In recent years, wood effect tiles have come on in leaps and bounds. With so many colours, textures and finishes available, ceramic and porcelain wood effect tiles are now the flooring style of choice for many home decorators. Benefits include increased durability, the opportunity for easy but inventive layouts (such as herringbone and parquet), and suitability for electric underfloor heating.

Best of all, ceramic and porcelain wood effect tiles can achieve finishes that just aren’t possible with natural wooden floorboards. The rustic, unrefined look has becoming increasingly popular in recent years – but it’s not a realistic approach if you’re using real wood. With wood effect tiles, the possibilities for finishes are almost endless. What’s more, Tons of Tiles offers ranges of budget and premium floor tiles, meaning there’s the perfect style out there for everyone – no matter how much you can afford to spend.

Our most affordable wood effect styles are crafted from ceramic and are available in a larger panel format, which is suited to a quick and easy installation, and a parquet style layout, or as individual tiles.

The porcelain tiles in our budget range offer a good compromise on affordability and durability. They come in a variety of colours and finishes, including polished, matt and anti-slip, and are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas that need to withstand chipping and scratching.

On the other end of the spectrum are our premium wood effect tiles, all of which are porcelain. Combining that desired durability with the finest finishes, these tiles give an incredibly authentic look.

As standard, many of our premium styles are slip-resistant, frost-resistant and suited to wet rooms. That means they're incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into your home. In fact, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which areas don’t deserve this gorgeous flooring.

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