Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are a growing trend in the UK as homeowners search for practical yet luxurious design solutions that are created to not only look great but also to last a very long time. Once found only in kitchen and bathroom spaces, wall tiles are rapidly expanding to other areas of the home, instantly transforming hallways, conservatories, and even living rooms with their huge variety of textures, colours, and stunning finishes. This expanse of choice gives you control, making your home as subtle — or as bold — as you desire.

At Tons of Tiles, we stock an extensive range of wall tile collections, from budget options which provide incredible value for money to more opulent selections which are intended to be truly eye-catching. From big tiles to small tiles, from square tiles to rectangular tiles, and from matt tiles to gloss tiles, our ranges such as Illumina, Artesano, and Herringbone are sure to impress and delight. Our wall tiles are a perfect blend of style and strength and make for an excellent, durable, and long-lasting alternative to paint or wallpaper.

Wall Tiles

  1. Artesano Tiles
    Artesano Prices from £0.54 9 PRODUCTS
  2. Milano Tiles
    Milano Prices from £4.72 10 PRODUCTS
  3. Adelaide Tiles
    Adelaide Prices from £14.76 11 PRODUCTS
  4. Rustic Metro Tiles
    Rustic Metro Prices from £0.52 7 PRODUCTS
  5. Eterna Tiles
    Eterna Prices from £6.10 21 PRODUCTS
  6. Metropolitan Tiles
    Metropolitan Prices from £0.88 10 PRODUCTS
  7. Sunset Tiles
    Sunset Prices from £2.56 15 PRODUCTS
  8. Sediment Stone Tiles
    Sediment Stone Prices from £2.36 10 PRODUCTS
  9. New York Tiles
    New York Prices from £4.66 12 PRODUCTS
  10. Bahrain Tiles
    Bahrain Prices from £2.82 8 PRODUCTS
  11. Himalayan Tiles
    Himalayan Prices from £4.42 9 PRODUCTS
  12. Santa Cruz Tiles
    Santa Cruz Prices from £4.90 8 PRODUCTS
  13. Calacatta Tiles
    Calacatta Prices from £4.54 6 PRODUCTS
  14. Terrazzo Tiles
    Terrazzo Prices from £3.48 9 PRODUCTS
  15. Kalahari Tiles
    Kalahari Prices from £10.39 2 PRODUCTS
  16. Moniker Tiles
    Moniker Prices from £5.32 5 PRODUCTS
  17. V&A Metro  Tiles
    V&A Metro Prices from £3.07 11 PRODUCTS
  18. Highly Polished Porcelain Tiles
    Highly Polished Porcelain Prices from £5.80 4 PRODUCTS
  19. Ted Baker Tiles
    Ted Baker Prices from £3.84 21 PRODUCTS
  20. The Porcelain Stone Collection Tiles
    The Porcelain Stone Collection Prices from £2.36 12 PRODUCTS
  21. Parade Tiles
    Parade Prices from £1.14 3 PRODUCTS
  22. Aged Chateau Tiles
    Aged Chateau Prices from £3.56 7 PRODUCTS
  23. Vintage Tiles
    Vintage Prices from £0.49 3 PRODUCTS
  24. Crackle Glaze Tiles
    Crackle Glaze Prices from £0.53 19 PRODUCTS
  25. Rustico XL Tiles
    Rustico XL Prices from £0.72 4 PRODUCTS
  26. Herringbone Brick Tiles
    Herringbone Brick Prices from £0.84 6 PRODUCTS
  27. Illumina Tiles
    Illumina Prices from £0.78 10 PRODUCTS
  28. Sanctuary Tiles
    Sanctuary Prices from £4.13 6 PRODUCTS
  29. Rustico Tiles
    Rustico Prices from £0.30 7 PRODUCTS
  30. Kasbah Tiles
    Kasbah Prices from £6.18 1 PRODUCT
  31. Brick Effect Tiles
    Brick Effect Prices from £2.34 2 PRODUCTS
  32. Artiste Tiles
    Artiste Prices from £0.42 6 PRODUCTS
  33. Metro XL Flat Tiles
    Metro XL Flat Prices from £0.62 6 PRODUCTS
  34. Strata Tiles
    Strata Prices from £8.40 4 PRODUCTS
  35. Stardust Quartz Tiles
    Stardust Quartz Prices from £41.15 9 PRODUCTS
  36. Mini Metro Flat Tiles
    Mini Metro Flat Prices from £0.34 3 PRODUCTS
  37. Mini Metro Tiles
    Mini Metro Prices from £0.32 5 PRODUCTS
  38. Microline Tiles
    Microline Prices from £0.34 2 PRODUCTS
  39. Metro XL Tiles
    Metro XL Prices from £0.62 3 PRODUCTS
  40. Havana Tiles
    Havana Prices from £1.52 1 PRODUCT
  41. Metro Flat 10x20cm Tiles
    Metro Flat 10x20cm Prices from £0.37 18 PRODUCTS
  42. Metro 10x20cm Tiles
    Metro 10x20cm Prices from £0.25 29 PRODUCTS
  43. Artisan by Laura Ashley Tiles
    Artisan by Laura Ashley Prices from £0.66 32 PRODUCTS
  44. Country Patchwork Tiles
    Country Patchwork Prices from £0.84 1 PRODUCT
  45. The Moroccan Collection Tiles
    The Moroccan Collection Prices from £2.93 3 PRODUCTS
  46. Museum Wall Tiles Tiles
    Museum Wall Tiles Prices from £7.74 2 PRODUCTS
  47. Border Tiles Tiles
    Border Tiles Prices from £1.66 16 PRODUCTS
  48. Crossover Tiles
    Crossover Prices from £5.42 20 PRODUCTS
  49. Muralla Tiles
    Muralla Prices from £0.72 6 PRODUCTS
  50. Lounge Tiles
    Lounge Prices from £5.29 24 PRODUCTS
  51. Purity Tiles
    Purity Prices from £11.17 4 PRODUCTS
  52. Oasis Tiles
    Oasis Prices from £2.63 4 PRODUCTS
  53. Ripple Tiles
    Ripple Prices from £4.25 8 PRODUCTS
  54. Crackle Glaze Vintage Tiles
    Crackle Glaze Vintage Prices from £0.50 6 PRODUCTS
  55. Gatsby Tiles
    Gatsby Prices from £1.32 3 PRODUCTS
  56. Metro Stone Effect Tiles
    Metro Stone Effect Prices from £0.43 2 PRODUCTS
  57. Polished Marble Effect Tiles
    Polished Marble Effect Prices from £3.92 8 PRODUCTS
  58. Ankara Hexagon Tiles
    Ankara Hexagon Prices from £1.42 7 PRODUCTS
  59. Souk Tiles
    Souk Prices from £1.24 10 PRODUCTS
  60. Elements Tiles
    Elements Prices from £1.01 9 PRODUCTS
  61. Diamond Tiles
    Diamond Prices from £0.84 10 PRODUCTS
  62. Armony Tiles
    Armony Prices from £5.28 11 PRODUCTS
  63. Sierra Nevada Tiles
    Sierra Nevada Prices from £6.59 6 PRODUCTS
  64. Natural Wood Effect Tiles
    Natural Wood Effect Prices from £0.46 8 PRODUCTS
  65. Malabar Tiles
    Malabar Prices from £4.54 8 PRODUCTS
  66. Plaza Tiles
    Plaza Prices from £2.81 1 PRODUCT
  67. Quarrystone Tiles
    Quarrystone Prices from £2.18 8 PRODUCTS
  68. Burnt Wood Tiles
    Burnt Wood Prices from £3.90 1 PRODUCT
  69. The Victorian Collection Tiles
    The Victorian Collection Prices from £5.67 8 PRODUCTS
  70. Townhouse Tiles
    Townhouse Prices from £4.79 5 PRODUCTS
  71. Metropolis Tiles
    Metropolis Prices from £6.70 6 PRODUCTS
  72. Arabesque Tiles
    Arabesque Prices from £1.67 8 PRODUCTS
  73. Baroque Hexagon Tiles
    Baroque Hexagon Prices from £1.32 3 PRODUCTS
  74. Sloane Square Tiles
    Sloane Square Prices from £1.82 1 PRODUCT
  75. Bloomsbury Tiles
    Bloomsbury Prices from £2.06 1 PRODUCT
  76. The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Tiles
    The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Prices from £3.35 13 PRODUCTS
  77. Nordic Forest Tiles
    Nordic Forest Prices from £10.43 10 PRODUCTS
  78. Carnival Tiles
    Carnival Prices from £4.80 1 PRODUCT
  79. Masquerade Tiles
    Masquerade Prices from £1.72 2 PRODUCTS
  80. Arte Tiles
    Arte Prices from £1.82 4 PRODUCTS
  81. Vintage Patchwork Tiles
    Vintage Patchwork Prices from £2.21 5 PRODUCTS
  82. Hexagon Tiles
    Hexagon Prices from £1.02 8 PRODUCTS
  83. Devon Concrete Tiles
    Devon Concrete Prices from £3.38 3 PRODUCTS
  84. Concrete Effect Tiles
    Concrete Effect Prices from £5.48 10 PRODUCTS
  85. Comillas Patchwork Tiles
    Comillas Patchwork Prices from £1.68 1 PRODUCT
  86. Bengal Slate Effect Tiles
    Bengal Slate Effect Prices from £4.14 1 PRODUCT
  87. Chevron Tiles
    Chevron Prices from £2.58 5 PRODUCTS
  88. Scandi Wood Tiles
    Scandi Wood Prices from £7.72 1 PRODUCT
  89. Loft Tiles
    Loft Prices from £4.22 10 PRODUCTS
  90. Pizarra Slate Tiles
    Pizarra Slate Prices from £6.44 9 PRODUCTS
  91. Castillo Tiles
    Castillo Prices from £5.81 1 PRODUCT
  92. Nolla Tiles
    Nolla Prices from £6.60 1 PRODUCT
  93. Impact Tiles
    Impact Prices from £7.64 2 PRODUCTS
  94. Avignon Tiles
    Avignon Prices from £1.72 3 PRODUCTS
  95. The Contemporary Wood Collection Tiles
    The Contemporary Wood Collection Prices from £8.62 3 PRODUCTS
  96. Windmill Tiles
    Windmill Prices from £1.92 1 PRODUCT
  97. Modular Tiles
    Modular Prices from £34.18 8 PRODUCTS
  98. Barnwood Tiles
    Barnwood Prices from £7.96 6 PRODUCTS
  99. Boardwalk Wood Effect Tiles
    Boardwalk Wood Effect Prices from £3.12 10 PRODUCTS
  100. Native Wood Effect Tiles
    Native Wood Effect Prices from £2.08 3 PRODUCTS
  101. Eastern Patchwork Tiles
    Eastern Patchwork Prices from £1.09 1 PRODUCT
  102. Concrete Tiles
    Concrete Prices from £5.48 10 PRODUCTS
  103. Barbican Tiles
    Barbican Prices from £4.50 8 PRODUCTS
  104. Lagom Tiles
    Lagom Prices from £2.64 4 PRODUCTS
  105. Terra Nova Tiles
    Terra Nova Prices from £6.43 30 PRODUCTS
  106. The Monarch Collection Tiles
    The Monarch Collection Prices from £1.72 5 PRODUCTS
  107. White Ceramic Tiles
    White Ceramic Prices from £1.22 7 PRODUCTS
  108. Sedimentary Rock Tiles
    Sedimentary Rock Prices from £2.36 11 PRODUCTS
  109. Glass Wood Tiles
    Glass Wood Prices from £1.22 3 PRODUCTS
  110. Edwardian Tiles
    Edwardian Prices from £3.10 4 PRODUCTS

While floor tiles have long been a firm favourite, it is only recently that wall tiles have really started to show their true potential. Made from hard-wearing materials such as porcelain and ceramic, and featuring protective, water-resistant coatings, wall tiles have fast become the preferred option for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, and other parts of the home which are typically vulnerable to damp. Unlike wood, wallpaper, or paint, wall tiles will not become damaged by high moisture content in the air.

Traditionally, wall tiles have been used in kitchens and bathrooms, not only due to their water resistance but also for their low maintenance, hygienic, wipe-clean nature. However, there is now a growing trend for homeowners to place wall tiles in many other parts of the home, too. In fact, with an ever-increasing range of shapes, styles, colours, and textures, wall tiles can even be used in hallways, conservatories, and living rooms, where they may act as anything from subtle wall coverings to bold, vibrant feature walls.

An emerging trend in wall tiles is to use them not only inside the home but outside too. There are many wall tiles available today which are suitable for outdoor use as they are strong and sturdy enough to maintain excellent structure and a stunning appearance even when exposed to the weather. As more and more homeowners are breaking down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, many are using wall tiles to bring colour, life, and character to patio areas and outdoor kitchen spaces.

There is perhaps a greater choice for wall tiles available today than there are floor tiles. Options include mesmerising vintage wall tiles, wood effect wall tiles with authentic grain patterning, natural stone effect wall tiles, and intricate mosaics. Many wall tiles will be provided with a finishing touch of gloss, satin, matt, or polished coatings which are excellent ways to introduce different textures and styles into your home, and breathe a new lease of life into tired spaces.

The eye-catching waves of the Ripple collection and the high-gloss finish of the Crackle Glaze tiles offer sleek and streamlined contemporary designs to take your modern home to the next level. Or perhaps you’d prefer something slightly more traditional to complement existing design and decor in your homes, such as the natural look given off by the sophisticated Serenity range, or the understated beauty of the Sunset collection. Whatever your preferences, you’ll find a wall tile that you love.