Vinyl Tiles

When it comes to floor and wall tiles, many people opt for natural materials. The look and feel of genuine wood or stone can be very appealing, and can add a luxury and sophisticated edge to any room.

With luxury vinyl tiles, you can achieve the authentic look of genuine wood or stone, but with a truly functional and versatile material. Our vinyl tiles have been manufactured by Ambiance to offer a fantastic appearance and long-lasting quality.

Because vinyl is so lightweight and durable, these tiles are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Compared with genuine natural materials, luxury vinyl is also highly affordable.

If you’re seeking sophisticated, affordable tiles for floors and walls, that will stand the test of time, look no further than our luxury vinyl range.

Vinyl Tiles

  1. Luxury Vinyl Wood Plank Tiles Tiles
    Luxury Vinyl Wood Plank Tiles Prices from £5.15 20 PRODUCTS

Our luxury vinyl tiles are manufactured by Ambiance and have been specially designed to mimic natural materials. They offer an excellent, affordable alternative to genuine wood or stone, and come in a range of appealing finishes which suit residential and commercial spaces alike.

Luxury Vinyl Wood Effect Tiles

Light, durable and easy to use, our Ambiance Luxury Vinyl Wood Effect tiles come in a range of finishes, each of which is inspired by real wood. We offer everything from the classic Oak Plank, which is versatile and understated, to the visually striking Bayern Oak, which boasts a rich deep brown shade and subtly textured detailing.

Our luxury wood effect tiles are manufactured as planks, measuring either 10.2cm by 91.5cm, or 15.2cm by 91.5 cm. This means that they can be installed in the same manner as genuine wooden planks.

All our wood effect vinyl planks have a thickness of 3mm, meaning they are lightweight and easy to lay. Coated in polyurethane, they are durable and long-lasting, as well as being warm and comfortable.

Luxury Vinyl Stone Effect Tiles

Our Ambiance Luxury Stone Effect Tiles are available in a wide range of high-quality finishes. Inspired by natural stone materials such as granite, concrete, marble, and slate, these sophisticated vinyl tiles are perfectly suited to kitchens, conservatories and bathrooms.

Available in two sizes – a 60.8cm by 30.8cm rectangle, and a 45.7cm by 45.7cm square – all our stone effect tiles are manufactured to a thickness of 3mm. They are easy to install and maintain, and have been printed with subtle, textured details that mimic the look of genuine natural materials.

With this range you can achieve a number of different decorative looks. For bright, relaxed areas opt for a simple style like the Honey Travertine or the Roman Slate; for full luxury, there’s our chic Black Marble tile which is perfect for stylish bathrooms.

Luxury Vinyl Herringbone Tiles

Increasingly, tiling trends aren’t just about materials and finish – they’re also about layout. With our Ambiance Luxury Vinyl Herringbone Tiles you can create a modern, stylish tiling arrangement that will give any room a fresh new twist.

A herringbone design requires rectangular tiles, which are arranged in a zigzag pattern; tiles are brought together in a V-shape and stacked in lines.

We offer four styles of herringbone vinyl tile, each of which is 11.5cm by 45.7cm with a thickness of 3mm. You can choose between four fantastic wood effect finishes to create an affordable, modern and highly functional tiling arrangement which will offer long-lasting quality.

Luxury Vinyl Design Strips

To add a finishing touch to your luxury vinyl tiles, consider using some of our Luxury Vinyl Design Strips. Manufactured by Ambiance, these long narrow vinyl strips add visual flourish to tiling arrangements. Measuring 3mm by 915mm, with a thickness of 3mm, these design strips can be paired with larger vinyl tiles to create a border or grouting effect.

Our Luxury Vinyl Design Strips are available in five fantastic finishes inspired by natural materials.