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Anti-slip, full body porcelain floor tiles suited for home, businesses, indoor and outdoor use. Pietre Di Keope Floor Tiles are fully frost proof, high grade porcelain tiles that can be used in wet areas. They are available in a selection of colours with a matt finish.

This range of floor tiles comes in 30cm x 30cm sizes with 6 mm thickness and is perfect for your floors, mix it up to create that perfect pattern or use like colours to add depth to your spaces.

Pietre Di Keope Floor Tiles - practicality with a touch of class

Pietre Di Keope Floor Tiles adds pastoral romance, charm and country chic to your homes.

This tile protects you against slips and slides while this impeccable porcelain can suit any area of the home and can also be used externally. Durable and long lasting, it is practical enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic of a busy home whilst still adding personality and timeless style to it.

Porcelain is a highly desirable material that will easily add a touch of class to any home. A man-made material that is well-known for its strength and durability, Porcelain is both versatile and available in a wide variety of, colours. And, in its natural form porcelain has a smooth matte finish which it passes on to our Pietre de Keope range of floor tiles.

Keeping in mind it is suitable for floors almost anywhere and available in various colours to suit any area of the home, so whether mixed or used alone it will create the look you want.