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  1. Virgo
    Prices from £4.51
  2. New York
    Prices from £8.51
  3. Miniature Mosaics
    Prices from £8.99
  4. Lustre Pearl Mosaics
    Prices from £10.99
  5. Sanctuary
    Prices from £4.15
  6. Artist
    Prices from £16.20
  7. Lush
    Prices from £14.40
  8. Marrakech Mosaics
    Prices from £16.20
  9. Mother Of Pearl
    Prices from £16.80
  10. Savanna
    Prices from £16.20
  11. Split Face
    Prices from £2.00
  12. Crossover
    Prices from £5.16
  13. Eterna
    Prices from £5.81

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Mosaics - Add style and colour to any room with a mosaic tile.

Perfect for adding a simple twist to any bathroom or kitchen, the mosaic tile can be used as a full size sheet or cut down to make a border.

If your on a budget, mixing our mosaic tiles with a plain white tile can add drama and impact to any bathroom wall.

Take a look at our Mosaic tiles and order your 99p sample today!