Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are perfect for adding a splash of personality to a place which has fast become the social hot spot of the home. With full kitchen wall options, feature wall tiles are perfect tile as an alternative to traditional splash backs. At Tons of Tiles, we stock a massive range of kitchen tiles. Our collections include everything from the timeless classics metro and microline ranges. With our huge range of floor and wall tiles, you can create your own dream kitchen, however you want it.

Kitchen Tiles

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Kitchen tiles are ideally suited to busy, on-the-go kitchen spaces, created from strong and durable materials which are designed to withstand steamy and humid environments. Unlike other materials, such as natural wood, kitchen tiles won’t warp under extreme conditions, making them very long lasting choices. Kitchen tiles are also very easy to keep looking great, with low maintenance, wipe-clean finishes that mean kitchen spills can quickly be mopped up, helping to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Wall tiles for kitchen spaces are usually quite thin, at around 8mm or less. This gives them a more delicate appearance and can help to make your kitchen appear more spacious and sizeable. Floor tiles for kitchens are typically a little thicker, at around 10mm. This is to boost the hard-wearing aspect of the tile and ensure that the tile has what it takes to handle the heart of the home's relatively heavy foot traffic. When used in one of the busiest rooms in your house, floor tiles can be much more durable than other common kitchen flooring materials, like linoleum.

While there are many types of popular kitchen tile today, mosaic tiles are among the best loved. Mosaic tiles allow for homeowners to achieve a highly intricate look in the kitchen, without excessive effort. Mosaic kitchen tiles are often placed onto a simple, single backing sheet, enabling them to be laid quickly and easily; a task that many homeowners will be able to undertake themselves to save money. However, mosaics aren’t the only choice, with metro also being a top choice for kitchen spaces.

Homeowners can customise their space by selecting from a wide range of kitchen tile sizes, styles, materials, and finishes. Most kitchen tiles are crafted from ceramic or porcelain due to the strength of these materials, and can be finished with a matt, gloss, or semi-polished coating for a variety of results. Kitchen tiles also come in many different styles and themes, including everything from vintage to modern, from minimalist to intricate, from nature-inspired to industrial, and everything in between.

Kitchen tiles such as those within the timeless Victorian Collection are perfectly suited to kitchen spaces, made from robust materials that won’t become scratched or damaged, even as dining chairs are pulled across the surface. Our Illumina, Artesano, and Crackle Glaze kitchen tile ranges are right on trend, while the Arte and Country Patchwork collections instantly transform your walls and floors into real talking points with their stunning and mesmerising patterns. For long lasting, beautiful, and stunning kitchen design, choose Tons of Tiles.