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Hexagon Floor Tiles

Our Hexagon Floor Tiles are made from porcelain, which makes them less likely to crack due to its low moisture absorption rate. Our Hexagon Tiles are therefore great for bathrooms and kitchens and can be used for both walls and floors.

Hexagon Floor Tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs

Hexagon Floor Tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit your needs:

• Hexagon Nature - these tiles are beautiful and will bring the outdoors to the inside of your home with their natural look, perfect for creating something a little different as a bathroom or kitchen floor tile.

• Hexagon Harmony - Like a patchwork design but not too much colour? These are for you. They will indeed add some interest to your room with their natural grey-tone colour and intricate designs.

• Hexagon Harmony Colours - will add life to your room with their decor design and colours. Choose between the colours and designs to suit your need or you can mix and match them up. There's no limit to what you can do with these.

• Hexagon Grey, White and Black - can be used separately or they can be mixed to give your room that traditional yet classy look. The black, white and grey can also be mixed with the harmony colours to suit your taste.

These tiles are available in 17.5cm with a thickness of 8mm and are great for the floors or walls. Use these tiles and watch your room stand out; mix them up to create something special. You'll be proud of yourself after you have finished your very own design.