Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are fast becoming the ‘must have’ flooring for many areas of the home, including hallways, entrances, kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. Floor tiles are typically more hard-wearing and generally, require very little maintenance to keep them looking great. At Tons of Tiles, we stock a huge selection of floor tiles, from decorative options, like Moniker, Metropolis and Dorset Feature, to more nature-inspired tile collections, combining the strength of porcelain with the appearance of natural wood or stone.

Floor Tiles

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Floor tiles are made from hard-wearing and attractive porcelain or ceramic materials which makes them much stronger and more durable alternatives to fabric floor coverings such as carpet. While floor tiles may once have been associated with a cool, minimalist look, a huge increase in styles, textures, and colours in recent years has given homeowners much more choice, with deeper hues, vivid patterns, and a wide selection of finishes helping to add warmth and even more character to this type of flooring.

As well as durability, floor tiles also benefit from a low maintenance nature, with ‘wipe-clean’ finishes. This feature makes floor tiles an obvious choice for areas such as kitchens and dining rooms where spills may occur. Floor tiles are also not affected by high levels of moisture in the air thanks to water-resistant coatings and can be used in steamy areas such as bathrooms and wet rooms in place of natural wood which would easily warp in damp environments. Floor tiles are highly versatile, suited to any space.

For homeowners looking for a tidy, clean, and streamlined look for wet rooms and other similar spaces, floor tiles are the ideal solution. This is because many floor tile collections are also suitable for use on walls, such as the Lounge, Natural Wood, and Eastern Patchwork tile ranges. Why not try mixing and combining tiles to create both unity and diversity at the same time? How about using a 60x30 polished white Lounge tile on the walls, and a 60x60 Lounge black matt tile on the floor? When it comes to home design, you’re in charge.

Floor tiles for the home are available in a selection of thicknesses, with 8mm tiles and under typically best suited to areas of low foot traffic, such as bathrooms and wet rooms. Thicker floor tiles of 9mm, 10mm, or more are ideal for areas of higher foot traffic such as busy family kitchens, social spaces, and hallways. There are also many different tile finishes to choose from, including subtle matt finishes, more eye-catching gloss finishes, and even the popular lappato finish with its stunning semi-polished effect.

When it comes to floor tiles, there’s plenty to choose from. Simple yet practical, the Adelaide, Sierra Nevada, and Santa Cruz ranges benefit from streamlined uniformity and crisp, clean lines. Alternatively, the highly patterns Eastern Patchwork and Vintage collections show off the very best of classic mosaic artistry. Finally, there are the natural collections including Boardwalk Wood Effect and Lagom with their authentic wood grain appearances and the Calacatta range with a marbled finish which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.