W68 - 1 Ltr - Stain Protector for Unpolished Surfaces

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Protects porous materials with Fila W68 Matt Stone Sealer, a highly effective and durable substance that provides stain and oil-proofing for terracotta, natural stone, and concrete.

Key Features

  • Seals and protects porous materials from oily dirt

  • Drastically reduces absorption of the surface without altering its appearance

  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces

  • For use on interior floors as a protective basecoat before the application of wax

  • No film or residue

Fila W68 Stain Protection For Terracotta And Natural Stone  seals and provides stain and oil proofing protection for unpolished natural stone, terracotta and concrete without its appearance. Easily applied using a paintbrush or roller, this water-based product will not leave a film or residue and is fully operational just 4 hours after application.


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