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Feature Tiles

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Feature Tiles

  1. Betty
    Prices from £3.31
  2. Bertie
    Prices from £3.31
  3. Kalahari
    Prices from £10.75
  4. Castillo
    Prices from £5.27
  5. Parade
    Prices from £1.20
  6. Havana
    Prices from £1.38
  7. Sierra Nevada
    Prices from £6.28
  8. Split Face
    Prices from £2.00
  9. Heritage
    Prices from £4.09
  10. Brick Feature Tiles
    Prices from £2.49
  11. Kasbah
    Prices from £6.07
  12. Museum
    Prices from £6.94
  13. Devon Stone
    Prices from £2.57
  14. Souk
    Prices from £1.24
  15. Timber
    Prices from £6.94
  16. Devon Concrete
    Prices from £3.22
  17. Hexagon
    Prices from £0.92
  18. Illusion
    Prices from £3.29
  19. Mary
    Prices from £3.31
  20. Strata
    Prices from £9.95
  21. Eastern Patchwork
    Prices from £1.04
  22. Ankara Hexagon Tiles
    Prices from £1.34
  23. Masquerade
    Prices from £1.56
  24. Comillas Patchwork
    Prices from £1.60
  25. Country Patchwork
    Prices from £0.76
  26. Parisian Chic
    Prices from £1.35
  27. Artist
    Prices from £16.20
  28. Lush
    Prices from £14.40
  29. Savanna
    Prices from £16.20
  30. Sahara
    Prices from £6.36
  31. Odyssey
    Prices from £3.31
  32. Armony
    Prices from £5.03
  33. Crossover
    Prices from £5.16
  34. Eterna
    Prices from £5.81
  35. Sunset
    Prices from £2.43
  36. Plaza
    Prices from £3.31

As Seen In

Feature tiles......for those who just love to make a statement

Feature wall and floor tiles.....the perfect way to add an eye catching focal point to any space.

Feature tiles come in many shapes and sizes, a patterned Victorian flooring tile will make a statement in any hallway or entrance. A more bold and contemporary graffiti patterned polished tile will add character to any modern kitchen, bathroom or business.

Find your perfect feature tile

Our range of feature tiles has something to suit everyone such as graffiti wood effect tiles, bookcase tiles, newspaper effect tiles and even the famous Banksy tiles coming from the prestigious Italian manufacturer Peronda. As well as more classic patterned floor tile to a more traditional home or period property.

Feature tiles can also come in the form of textured wall tiles or 3d effect tiles such as our Stratum tiles or 3D Wood effect tiles, these types of tiles are extremely popular in current interior design are the perfect way to create a feature wall or focal point in any room, it is also a great way to create a backdrop or frame a piece or furniture such as a bed or freestanding bath tub.

Go on........Be bold and make a statement!