Vintage & Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are making a big comeback and are all the rage in trending contemporary design. Patchworks and Geometric are particularly popular, as they offer a unique way to emphasise your individuality in your home, or in public and business premises. With these sensational modern collections you have the opportunity to mix and match different colours, textures and sizes, to make feature walls or highlight particular areas such as fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, or antique mirrors.

Patterned tiles can convey an air of distinctly retro chic, even in a modern home, and with today's techniques of high definition digital printing, several exciting vintage and exotic styles can be authentically reproduced. Whether you are renovating a traditional Victorian property, or introducing a splash of oriental colour to a high-rise apartment; perhaps tiling a shop, display stand or gallery, patterned tiles have an intrinsic fascination in their myriad geometric and floral designs.

Vintage & Patterned Tiles

  1. Edwardian Tiles
    Edwardian Prices from £3.10 4 PRODUCTS
  2. Ted Baker Tiles
    Ted Baker Prices from £3.84 21 PRODUCTS
  3. Moniker Tiles
    Moniker Prices from £5.32 5 PRODUCTS
  4. Plaza Tiles
    Plaza Prices from £2.81 1 PRODUCT
  5. Nolla Tiles
    Nolla Prices from £6.60 1 PRODUCT
  6. Avignon Tiles
    Avignon Prices from £1.72 3 PRODUCTS
  7. Gatsby Tiles
    Gatsby Prices from £1.32 3 PRODUCTS
  8. Havana Tiles
    Havana Prices from £1.52 1 PRODUCT
  9. Windmill Tiles
    Windmill Prices from £1.92 1 PRODUCT
  10. Parade Tiles
    Parade Prices from £1.14 3 PRODUCTS
  11. The Victorian Collection Tiles
    The Victorian Collection Prices from £5.67 8 PRODUCTS
  12. Townhouse Tiles
    Townhouse Prices from £4.79 5 PRODUCTS
  13. Metropolis Tiles
    Metropolis Prices from £6.70 6 PRODUCTS
  14. Aged Chateau Tiles
    Aged Chateau Prices from £3.56 7 PRODUCTS
  15. Arabesque Tiles
    Arabesque Prices from £1.67 8 PRODUCTS
  16. Vintage Tiles
    Vintage Prices from £0.49 3 PRODUCTS
  17. Sloane Square Tiles
    Sloane Square Prices from £1.82 1 PRODUCT
  18. Bloomsbury Tiles
    Bloomsbury Prices from £2.06 1 PRODUCT
  19. The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Tiles
    The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Prices from £3.35 13 PRODUCTS
  20. Carnival Tiles
    Carnival Prices from £4.80 1 PRODUCT
  21. Masquerade Tiles
    Masquerade Prices from £1.72 2 PRODUCTS
  22. Kasbah Tiles
    Kasbah Prices from £6.18 1 PRODUCT
  23. Souk Tiles
    Souk Prices from £1.24 10 PRODUCTS
  24. Eastern Patchwork Tiles
    Eastern Patchwork Prices from £1.09 1 PRODUCT
  25. Arte Tiles
    Arte Prices from £1.82 4 PRODUCTS
  26. Parisian Chic Tiles
    Parisian Chic Prices from £1.49 4 PRODUCTS
  27. Devon Concrete Tiles
    Devon Concrete Prices from £3.38 3 PRODUCTS
  28. Artisan by Laura Ashley Tiles
    Artisan by Laura Ashley Prices from £0.66 32 PRODUCTS
  29. Country Patchwork Tiles
    Country Patchwork Prices from £0.84 1 PRODUCT
  30. Comillas Patchwork Tiles
    Comillas Patchwork Prices from £1.68 1 PRODUCT
  31. The Moroccan Collection Tiles
    The Moroccan Collection Prices from £2.93 3 PRODUCTS
  32. Museum Wall Tiles Tiles
    Museum Wall Tiles Prices from £7.74 2 PRODUCTS

If you are into classical vintage patterns, the Arte range offers a retro white tile and a traditional Victorian tulip design, with which you can create a charming period piece anywhere in your house, business premises or display area. The classic monochromatic design is faithfully reproduced with high definition digital print technology, thereby combining authentic Victorian style with the thoroughly modern durability of hard-wearing porcelain.

The small, square Arte tile is ideal for period renovations, or for a touch of retro chic in a more up-to-date style of decor. These tiles are easy to install, require very little maintenance and are even water-resistant, making them an excellent choice for wet rooms. They are also resistant to frost, so they can be used outdoors, and would make a sensational floor feature in a garden room or conservatory, or a stylish border or feature surround for a fountain.

For a wider selection of traditional designs, the classic Vintage range is based on authentic kaleidoscopic patterns from the 19th and early 20th century, which offer an exciting blend of classic and contemporary design themes. Today's advances in digital printing techniques allow for the exact replication of these old original patterns, thus combining retro chic with the easy functionality and sustainability of modern materials.

These tiles are an ideal choice for older or renovated properties, but their neutral shades of grey and white can also make a striking design statement when used in more up-to-date buildings, particularly when creating patchwork or mosaic designs, feature walls or special surrounds.

Vintage tiles are available in a classic circle design, an aged surface with a pitted effect in plain white or grey, and a random selection pack of mixed kaleidoscopic patterns which give you free reign to create your own unique design.

If you’re looking for something more colourful, the small Eastern Patchwork tile is a truly eclectic choice. This retro collection of square porcelain tiles offers a delightful mix of trending patterned styles, based on traditional hand-painted designs from Morocco. With the latest advances in high definition printing, the authentic rustic effect of the souk can now be reproduced in a modern, hard-wearing material, making it both more economical and easier to install and maintain.

This beautiful retro range can be used to striking effect on all your interior walls, as well as on floors where there is only light traffic. They make a sensational focal point for a feature on walls or floors, and can be used to liven up any room as hearth surrounds, borders and splashbacks.

Dispatched in random selection packages of 27 different colourful patterns, the Eastern Patchwork vintage Moroccan-style collection offers a unique opportunity for creating your own individualised patchwork designs.