Stone Effect Tiles

Stone Effect tiles are today's answer to yesterday's design issues: with all the durability and elegance of real stone, contemporary Stone Effect tiles come at a fraction of the price and are made from sustainable modern materials.

In these ranges you can find a comprehensive selection of fabulous floor and wall tiles, with the traditional chic of real stone authentically replicated in modern ceramic and porcelain, complete with all kinds of surface features found in natural stone and reproduced using high definition digital print technology.

With these techniques it is possible for every home to have the beauty of natural stone floors and walls without depleting valuable natural resources. The choice of format, shade and shape in these collections is almost limitless, and you can combine colours, surfaces and styles to your own personal design, or create unique and on-trend patchworks and mosaics.

Stone Effect Tiles

  1. Montegno Tiles
    Montegno Price from £14.92 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  2. Crossover Tiles
    Crossover Price from £30.14 Per M2 5 PRODUCTS
  3. Muralla Tiles
    Muralla Price from £34.29 Per M2 4 PRODUCTS
  4. Armony Tiles
    Armony Price from £48.59 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  5. Quarrystone Tiles
    Quarrystone Price from £24.22 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  6. The Porcelain Stone Collection Tiles
    The Porcelain Stone Collection Price from £26.02 Per M2 2 PRODUCTS
  7. Nexus Clay Outdoor Tiles
    Nexus Clay Outdoor Price from £30.97 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  8. Enstone Outdoor Tiles
    Enstone Outdoor Price from £30.97 Per M2 2 PRODUCTS
  9. Granite White Outdoor Tiles
    Granite White Outdoor Price from £43.98 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  10. Bluenorte Outdoor Tiles
    Bluenorte Outdoor Price from £40.38 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  11. Axis White Outdoor Tiles
    Axis White Outdoor Price from £39.65 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  12. Beton Outdoor Tiles
    Beton Outdoor Price from £30.97 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  13. Dakota Outdoor Tiles
    Dakota Outdoor Price from £30.97 Per M2 2 PRODUCTS
  14. Lava Outdoor Tiles
    Lava Outdoor Price from £43.98 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  15. Granito Outdoor Tiles
    Granito Outdoor Price from £38.97 Per M2 2 PRODUCTS
  16. Livermore Outdoor Tiles
    Livermore Outdoor Price from £39.01 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  17. Morvan Outdoor Tiles
    Morvan Outdoor Price from £38.98 Per M2 1 PRODUCT
  18. Travertine Dark Outdoor Tiles
    Travertine Dark Outdoor Price from £25.97 Per M2 1 PRODUCT

Natural stone comes in a surprising range of colours, from the almost black of slate through various shades of grey, to brown, beige, ivory and classic white, with surface features including staining, cracking and the growth variations induced by the intrusion of water or pebbles. The Sedimentary Rock range, for example, is based on natural limestone quarried for centuries in the Lake District, and has these subtle surface features faithfully reproduced from the original stone.

Trending fashions in interior design are featuring brick-style. The Muralla collection for example, is a range of tiles especially designed to represent the stripped-back effect of aged brick, and named after the Spanish word for an old wall. This look is right on trend in contemporary design, suggesting a rustic appeal which is ideal for both interior and exterior walls. These hardy porcelain tiles are also great for enhancing special features like hearth surrounds or splashbacks.

Contemporary Stone Effect tiles also come in a wide range of sizes, from the small brick style tiles above to the medium sized glazed porcelain squares and decor styles of the Sunset range. Then there are the large floor squares and wall plank tiles you can find in the Eterna range.

For an even more striking design statement, many tile collections are now featuring decor and mosaic options. Try the straight Shutter tile in the Sunset collection, or the rustic split-face stone effect of the Strata Range. For bathrooms and wet areas you can heighten the wavy effect with the gentle ripples of the Armony range.

Patchworks and mosaics are a fascinating way to individualise your home, where you can mix and match tiles to create your own unique designs. Some collections also have their own featured mosaic styles, including the popular strip mosaics, which are assembled in narrow layers of varying depths and lengths, such as those in the Crossover range. Others offer composite square mosaics, where a number of small squares are outlined on one larger square tile, such as in the Eterna collection.

With all the wide variety available in Stone Effect tiles, every design parameter can be met with ease and style, for yesterday's style at today's prices.