Slate Effect Tiles

Slate-effect tiles are right on trend for designing stylish contemporary interiors. They combine the traditional beauty and durability of natural stone with the versatility and ease of use of ecologically sustainable materials.

The sophisticated chic of slate-effect floor and wall tiles will add an air of refined elegance to any room. Their subtle colours, in a range of understated earthy tones, can be inventively contrasted with all kinds of decorating styles, from the vividly avant-garde to the traditional rustic cottage look.

With the benefits of modern high definition digital print technology, the natural features of real slate can be carefully reproduced onto a tile made of contemporary porcelain or ceramics – and at a far more affordable price. Slate-effect tiles are hard-wearing and versatile, and will look extremely striking on walls as well as floors, indoors and in protected outdoor areas, for any home or business environment.

Slate Effect Tiles

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Combining all the versatility and easy maintenance of a modern tile with the timeless appeal of real stone, slate-effect tiles offer a broad spectrum of choices for every individual to create a unique and on-trend design.

The quality and texture of slate is a highly desirable commodity in interior design, and the effect can be more economically achieved with slate-effect tiling. Not only the varied colours, but also the surface textures of slate can be carefully replicated to produce the effect of 'riven' or split stone, creating a roughened surface that is safer to walk on and much warmer than slate underfoot.

Natural slate is still being mined in many areas, most notably in Spain for commercial purposes. Because it's derived from a sedimentary rock, each type of slate takes its composition from that area's geology. Each area therefore has its own particular character. Slate-effect tiling is designed in colours that replicate the characteristics of sources from all over the world. Slates from India, for example, come in a wide range of exotic shades, from tones of red, russet and rose to lilac, blue, gold and yellow, while some natural Welsh slate is green, as well as the more standard black and charcoal.

Much of slate's appeal is due to its fine-grained texture and the original composition of the type of rock from which it's formed – shale. These combine to give it a subtle roughness as well as a light surface sheen, characteristics which can also be reproduced with modern technology. Slate-effect tiles combine hardwearing durability with a sophisticated appearance which is much less expensive than real slate to install and maintain. Because they are made of sustainable modern materials, these tiles will cost less both for you, and for the planet.

Slate-effect tiles are available in various large and small formats, in rectangular planks, squares and special mosaic features which can be laid in personally designed patchworks. Splitting slate lengthwise can result in flaked sheets of different thickness. With slate-effect tiles, layers of variously sized split-face or riven stone tiles can be attractively arranged in single colours, or in exciting combinations to form the extremely popular and on-trend muretto-style mosaics.