Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are currently leading the field in contemporary interior design. Their wealth of colour, texture and style variations allow every individual to make their own decorating statement, in the home, the office, in retail spaces and many other types of commercial premises.

Modern techniques of high definition digital printing promote the production of composite mosaic tiles, in a single block comprising many smaller pieces, so you get all the impact of intricate mosaic work without any of the intense labour of cutting and setting individual pieces. Finishes include many varieties of natural stone or wood, replicating original features such as streaks, swirls, grains and striations, but constructed from resilient, hardwearing and sustainable materials.

With the freedom conferred by modern technologies, it's all about mixing it up. Patchworks are strongly on trend, with their capacity for endless variation, and classic stone mosaics are both sophisticated and striking in their effect.

Mosaic Tiles

Whether you're planning a bold minimalist lounge or a retro vintage bathroom, a mosaic feature can make a strong statement. They look superb as borders, or fancy surrounds for mirrors, fireplaces or niches, and make a functional and attractive splashback for kitchen and bathroom sinks.

You can choose mosaics in large or small composite formats, in square or hexagonal shapes, in many different natural stone-effect finishes, and even one that resembles wood.

The Kuni range of wood-effect tiles offers a fascinating Intarsi mosaic tile. This comprises a 60cm square frame in a darker wood tone, with 16 smaller squares in a lighter-toned wood positioned within it. The grains, and surface features like knots, add texture to this rich and unusual tile, while the colour contrast and finishing on the smaller squares suggests a three-dimensional mosaic effect. The Kuni Intarsi is available in two colour options of pale and dark grey, or beige and brown.

The 45cm square Silverstone Mosaic is also two-toned, with 36 individual squares in two alternating silvery greys, but most modern composite mosaics are made in a single colour, as a single tile representing a mass of tiny squares.

30cm square wall tiles can either contain 36 smaller squares, like the Microtec stone-effect Mosaic, or 144 squares, like the Eterna glazed porcelain Mosaic, and the Sovereign stone-effect Mosaic. These tile collections come in a range of interesting shades, with all the smaller squares individually scored with grout lines, and subtle tonal variations which emphasise the three-dimensional effect of mosaic composition.

A different style of mosaic can be found in the muretto type of strip-cut stone-effect tiles. Muretto means 'low wall' in Italian, and these 60x30cm rectangular tiles combine slim strips of variegated stone-coloured porcelain or high gloss ceramic, of different heights and lengths, to produce a delightfully rustic wall mosaic.

These enchanting muretto mosaics can be based on a single shade, such as the four subtle colour options in the Sovereign range or the five offered by the Crossover natural stone-effect range. They can also be more striking, such as the two strip-cut mosaics in mixed tones of Grey or Beige found in the Ethereal marble-effect collection.

The Vado range also offers two stone-effect muretto mosaics in distinctly variegated colour combinations: the Splitface Blue mixes several shades of grey with blue tones, while the Splitface Brown combines beiges, browns and whites in a striking wall mosaic.

By contrast, the Italian designed Mystone collection of stone-effect tiles offers Mosaic tiles in four shades of natural sandstone, but picking up on the trending hexagonal style. Each Mosaic tile is a 34x30cm composite of 12 ingeniously interlocked hexagons, with contrast grouting to enhance the three-dimensional effect of individually laid small tiles.