Marble Effect Tiles

Pure, cool marble has a classic natural beauty which has been used for centuries in the most luxurious and elegant constructions. From stately Greek temples to the magnificent dwellings of the Roman Emperors; from Italian Renaissance palaces to 18th century Neoclassical mansions and sumptuous Tuscan villas, marble is a symbol of timelessness.

Marble seems, therefore, to equate to unimagined opulence and expense – but with modern production techniques, the luxury of marble need no longer be out of reach. Marble-effect tiles can provide any home or business with a sleek sophistication that is right on trend in contemporary interior design. In addition, while marble is intentionally cool for Mediterranean environments, marble-effect tiles are much warmer underfoot and comfortable for cooler climates.

Larger format marble-effect tiles are ideally suited to large and luminous areas. Their high gloss sheen collects and reflects back the light, while interesting texturing can be added with decor or mosaic features.

Marble Effect Tiles

  1. Eterna Prices from £6.10 21 PRODUCTS
  2. Roma Prices from £7.48 3 PRODUCTS
  3. Calacatta Prices from £4.54 6 PRODUCTS
  4. Quarrystone Prices from £3.31 8 PRODUCTS
  5. The Porcelain Stone Collection Prices from £2.84 12 PRODUCTS
  6. Herringbone Brick Prices from £0.92 6 PRODUCTS
  7. Nordic Forest Prices from £12.08 10 PRODUCTS
  8. Sanctuary Prices from £5.45 6 PRODUCTS
  9. Crossover Prices from £5.42 20 PRODUCTS
  10. Muralla Prices from £0.72 6 PRODUCTS
  11. Herringbone Prices from £2.46 2 PRODUCTS
  12. Metro Stone Effect Prices from £0.43 2 PRODUCTS
  13. Polished Marble Effect Prices from £3.52 8 PRODUCTS
  14. Barbican Prices from £5.76 8 PRODUCTS

Ranging across a palette of subtle stone tints, each different kind of marble has its own naturally occurring whorls, streaks and striations that make every piece unique. These can now be replicated with modern high-definition digital printing techniques to produce sensational marble-effect tiles. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, meaning that it changes its structure according to the geological conditions in its place of origin, particularly heat and pressure. Marble can also absorb impurities which cause veining in characteristic colours, such as red from iron oxides, or green from magnesium deposits.

Ancient statuary and classic buildings like the Parthenon were made of dazzling white Pentelic marble from Greece, which is formed from a particularly pure type of limestone. Similar marble from India was used for the fabulous Taj Mahal, while many varieties of red marble can be found in France, Italy and Turkey. A characteristic black marble comes from Spain.

Inspired by this classic opulence, marble-effect tile collections offer an opportunity to furnish your home or business in a trending contemporary style, but at a competitive price. Following the timeless tradition of high quality marble elegance, contemporary tiles are made from more affordable, more easily maintained and more sustainable ceramics and porcelain. You'll save money as well as the vital natural resources of our planet.

These materials are also more versatile, so you can give more range to your imagination. The pure simplicity of the Imperial range, for example, offers a selection of high gloss tiles in white with classic grey veining – or grey with white. These tiles can be obtained in a variety of sizes and styles which allow for a considerable amount of individual design freedom. Large format planks or squares can be found in either ceramic or porcelain, in a traditional flat style, or an on-trend decor design, with sculptured ridges to add an interesting depth of texture.

The Ethereal range, on the other hand, offers a selection of large format marble-effect tiles in a more unusual array of earthy colours and inventive decor styles, including the typical streaking. Dark brown can be contrasted with pale beige, or pale grey with a darker anthracite shade. Plain face tiles alternate with subtly scored tiles in the trending shutter effect. For a highly unusual and contemporary design statement, this range also offers two colour options in the popular split-face stone mosaic style, which will create a bold look in any room.

We have been using marble as a high quality decorating resource for thousands of years. In the 21st century however, we have moved into a brand new future, which combines marble’s traditional elegance and beauty with the thoughtful sustainability of modern materials.