Hexagon Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are making a big comeback in contemporary interior design, their old-fashioned fascination casting a nostalgic eye back to the styles of the Victorian era, and to the days of sitting round the fire, lovingly constructing a patchwork quilt.

An example of the mathematical genius of nature, the hexagon is a perfectly interlocking structure found in such items as graphite and some crystalline quartz. It is also most notably visible in the honeycomb, posited by many to be most efficient packing structure in the known universe!

While tiling your home is not going to be as complex an exercise as this, it will certainly take you into a new dimension of interior design, as standard straight lines and squares diversify into more complex structures.

Hexagon Tiles

  1. Baroque Hexagon Tiles
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  2. Ankara Hexagon Tiles
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  3. Souk Tiles
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  4. Hexagon Tiles
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Hexagonal tiles offer every individual an opportunity to branch out and create something unique, and are particularly well suited to the trending patchwork style.

Hexagons are right on trend for today's decor, with wall and floor tiles in a wide variety of finishes that include natural stone and marble effects, coloured sandstone, terracotta and brick, and even glass.

They are ideal for creating three-dimensional geometric patterns, with tiles replicating designs like the classic triple-divided cube, with each third shaded in a different tone so that the flat surface seems to acquire three-dimensional properties. These can make an immense impact, particularly in larger areas like a showroom or commercial premises.

You can also find hexagonal tiles with intricate and complex patterns, like the random oddments used to make the old-fashioned patchwork quilts. These tiles can be laid uniformly in pre-ordained directions or designs. Alternatively, to make a unique and strikingly individualised statement, they can be laid totally at random. Many hexagonal collections come in unsorted packs to create precisely this effect.

Patchworking like our Hex range is right on trend at the moment, and if you aren't about to sit down and spend a lifetime making a quilt, you can at least let your design skills off the leash in the home. For interior rooms throughout the home, and in some circumstances for exterior features like paths and patios, hexagonal tiles are an ideal way to brighten up your life. Mix and match colours, textures and patterns to create a unique and vibrant wall or floor, and have fun making a statement in special areas.

For those wanting a classic retro look, there are traditional Victorian plain hexagon tile in terracotta, white or stone shades. Plain tiles in a single colour can be mixed with stripes, stars or circles in the same colour on white, or vice versa.

For the really nostalgic, hexagonal tiles can be found in traditional patchwork quilt designs, while there are also some superbly colourful jumble patchworks available in old-fashioned souk style, or a Spanish Andalucian style in a blue and white pattern. Stone surfaces can be replicated in smooth, marble-effect glaze or rough ceramics, and tiles can be scored or rippled for additional texturing.

Hexagonal tiles come in a range of interesting sizes, from the moderate to the minute, but modern technology makes it easy to create even the most intricate of mosaic styles, as tiny individual units can now be produced in composite blocks. Today you can have the most up-to-date hexagonal designs without all the labour-intensive effort of cutting and setting a myriad of individual pieces, and contemporary digitally printed finishes can replicate the original features of stone, marble and even wood in ceramic or porcelain, thus saving you money and preserving non-sustainable natural materials.