Feature Tiles

Feature Tiles are largely a new concept, which became feasible with the advent of three dimensional printing. They are now all the rage in trending contemporary design. As well as exotic and colourful designs, vintage and retro styles and unusual shapes, today's tiles can be found with scoring, ridging, waves and striations. These add an intriguing depth of character to what was previously a two dimensional surface.

Patterned tiles offer a great opportunity to mix and match, or to highlight features such as hearths, niches, mirrors or splashbacks. Textured decor tiles add even more freedom to diversify. Personalised patchworks and mosaic styles are extremely popular, as they provide each person with a unique way to show their individuality in interior design.

Feature Tiles

  1. Plaza Tiles
    Plaza Prices from £2.81 1 PRODUCT
  2. Eterna Tiles
    Eterna Prices from £6.10 21 PRODUCTS
  3. Crossover Tiles
    Crossover Prices from £5.42 20 PRODUCTS
  4. Sunset Tiles
    Sunset Prices from £2.56 15 PRODUCTS
  5. Armony Tiles
    Armony Prices from £5.28 11 PRODUCTS
  6. Kalahari Tiles
    Kalahari Prices from £10.39 2 PRODUCTS
  7. Odyssey Tiles
    Odyssey Prices from £3.48 1 PRODUCT
  8. Laura Ashley Splashback Tiles
    Laura Ashley Splashback Prices from £142.80 12 PRODUCTS
  9. Sahara Tiles
    Sahara Prices from £6.68 20 PRODUCTS
  10. Castillo Tiles
    Castillo Prices from £5.81 1 PRODUCT
  11. Sierra Nevada Tiles
    Sierra Nevada Prices from £6.59 6 PRODUCTS
  12. Havana Tiles
    Havana Prices from £1.52 1 PRODUCT
  13. Parade Tiles
    Parade Prices from £1.14 3 PRODUCTS
  14. Split Face Tiles
    Split Face Prices from £1.74 5 PRODUCTS
  15. The Victorian Collection Tiles
    The Victorian Collection Prices from £5.67 8 PRODUCTS
  16. The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Tiles
    The Heritage Collection by Laura Ashley Prices from £3.35 13 PRODUCTS
  17. Heritage Tiles
    Heritage Prices from £40.60 5 PRODUCTS
  18. Kasbah Tiles
    Kasbah Prices from £6.18 1 PRODUCT
  19. Brick Effect Tiles
    Brick Effect Prices from £2.34 2 PRODUCTS
  20. Souk Tiles
    Souk Prices from £1.30 10 PRODUCTS
  21. Parisian Chic Tiles
    Parisian Chic Prices from £1.49 4 PRODUCTS
  22. Mary Tiles
    Mary Prices from £3.48 1 PRODUCT
  23. Illusion Tiles
    Illusion Prices from £3.46 2 PRODUCTS
  24. Hexagon Tiles
    Hexagon Prices from £1.02 8 PRODUCTS
  25. Devon Stone Tiles
    Devon Stone Prices from £2.70 4 PRODUCTS
  26. Devon Concrete Tiles
    Devon Concrete Prices from £3.38 3 PRODUCTS
  27. Bertie & Betty Tiles
    Bertie & Betty Prices from £3.48 2 PRODUCTS
  28. Country Patchwork Tiles
    Country Patchwork Prices from £0.84 1 PRODUCT
  29. Comillas Patchwork Tiles
    Comillas Patchwork Prices from £42.00 1 PRODUCT
  30. The Moroccan Collection Tiles
    The Moroccan Collection Prices from £2.93 3 PRODUCTS
  31. Museum Wall Tiles Tiles
    Museum Wall Tiles Prices from £7.74 2 PRODUCTS

Fabulous for the home, as well as for a wide variety of public environments and commercial premises, these versatile contemporary Feature Tiles offer fascinating scope for the imagination.

Feature Tiles fall into four general sub-categories:

1. Patterned tiles, such as the Eastern Patchwork, Arte and Vintage ranges, which confer an atmosphere of distinctively chic retro style.

2. Textured tiles, such as the Sunset, Strata and Sovereign ranges, where the 3D effects include striations, waves and ridges.

3. Composite mosaic tiles. These include hexagonal shapes such as those in the Quarry stone range, differently sized squares like those in the Silverstone or Crossover ranges.

Out in a class of its own, the Metropolitan collection of Italian majolica tiles comes in a choice of ten bold and glossy colours, but it also offers its own range of nine unique 3D designs, based on different types of chocolate brick.

On trend styling is all about mixing it up. Contrasting plain tiles with mosaics can look stupendous, as can clever use of textured tiles to create a three dimensional effect. On an entire wall, for example, the wavy Sahara Decor tile makes you feel as if you’re under water, while the natural striations of the Sediment Stone tiles have a distinctly jazzy effect. Feature tiles can be mixed in a variety of ways, with different colour contrasts and textured tiles interspersed with plain ones. This means that everybody who uses these tiles can make a uniquely personalised design.

Traditional patterned tiles look terrific in any style of decor, and with today's high definition digital print technology, many authentic retro or exotic styles can easily be replicated. Patterned tiles can be used to great effect as a focal point for special features, and will look sensational as borders, splashbacks and fireplace surrounds.

The Arte and Vintage collections offer a selection of monochromatic grey and white tiles in traditional Victorian designs, including tulips, circles and geometric patterns. If you're renovating an older property, or just into traditional retro, you can create a charming period piece with these beautiful patterned tiles. They combine an authentic vintage style with the easy functionality and sustainability of modern materials. The Vintage Mix tile is packed in a random selection of 22 different kaleidoscopic designs.

For a more colourful patterned tile, the Eastern Patchwork range is wonderfully eclectic in its brand of retro chic. It's based on old fashioned hand-painted tile designs originating in the souks of Morocco. Also supplied in packs of randomly selected patterns, the Eastern Patchwork Moroccan-style range has 27 different colourful designs and offers a fantastic opportunity to create uniquely individual patchworks.