Budget Tiles

With this exciting Budget range, you can find high-quality, on-trend tiles for your home or business which definitely won't break the bank. The tiles in our Budget collection include a variety of trending options, proving that reducing costs doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality, style or finish.

Whatever design scheme you have in mind, you can be certain to find the perfect solution with this range, which includes everything from the plainest stone and concrete styles to beautiful polished marbles and tiles with patterns, texturing and mosaics.

Today's interior design is all about mixing it up. Patchworks are leading the field with their freedom to create uniquely individual designs, while classic stone is making a strong comeback for the understated look. Whether you are into striking contemporary interiors or distinctive retro, this comprehensive selection of trending styles offers all the versatility of modern production techniques at an affordable price.

Budget Tiles

  1. Metro 10x20cm Tiles
    Metro 10x20cm Prices from £0.25 29 PRODUCTS
  2. Lavastone Tiles
    Lavastone Prices from £6.28 16 PRODUCTS
  3. Sedimentary Rock Tiles
    Sedimentary Rock Prices from £2.36 11 PRODUCTS
  4. Marmor Tiles
    Marmor Prices from £4.01 3 PRODUCTS
  5. Metro Flat 10x20cm Tiles
    Metro Flat 10x20cm Prices from £0.37 18 PRODUCTS
  6. Mini Metro Flat Tiles
    Mini Metro Flat Prices from £0.34 3 PRODUCTS
  7. Mini Metro Tiles
    Mini Metro Prices from £0.32 5 PRODUCTS
  8. Delhi Tiles
    Delhi Prices from £15.56 3 PRODUCTS
  9. Henry Tiles
    Henry Prices from £3.73 2 PRODUCTS
  10. Plain Tiles
    Plain Prices from £0.42 8 PRODUCTS
  11. London Metro 10x20cm Tiles
    London Metro 10x20cm Prices from £0.41 2 PRODUCTS
  12. Moniker Tiles
    Moniker Prices from £5.32 5 PRODUCTS
  13. Virgo Tiles
    Virgo Prices from £4.54 6 PRODUCTS
  14. Malabar Tiles
    Malabar Prices from £4.54 8 PRODUCTS
  15. New York Tiles
    New York Prices from £4.66 12 PRODUCTS
  16. Bahrain Tiles
    Bahrain Prices from £2.82 8 PRODUCTS
  17. Himalayan Tiles
    Himalayan Prices from £3.83 9 PRODUCTS
  18. Santa Cruz Tiles
    Santa Cruz Prices from £4.90 8 PRODUCTS
  19. Plaza Tiles
    Plaza Prices from £2.81 1 PRODUCT
  20. Crossover Tiles
    Crossover Prices from £5.42 20 PRODUCTS
  21. Sunset Tiles
    Sunset Prices from £2.56 15 PRODUCTS
  22. Armony Tiles
    Armony Prices from £5.28 11 PRODUCTS
  23. V&A Metro  Tiles
    V&A Metro Prices from £1.07 11 PRODUCTS
  24. Castillo Tiles
    Castillo Prices from £5.81 1 PRODUCT
  25. Nolla Tiles
    Nolla Prices from £6.60 1 PRODUCT
  26. Sediment Stone Tiles
    Sediment Stone Prices from £2.36 10 PRODUCTS
  27. Avignon Tiles
    Avignon Prices from £1.72 3 PRODUCTS
  28. The Contemporary Wood Collection Tiles
    The Contemporary Wood Collection Prices from £8.62 3 PRODUCTS
  29. Gatsby Tiles
    Gatsby Prices from £1.32 3 PRODUCTS
  30. Windmill Tiles
    Windmill Prices from £1.92 1 PRODUCT
  31. Parade Tiles
    Parade Prices from £1.14 3 PRODUCTS
  32. The Victorian Collection Tiles
    The Victorian Collection Prices from £5.67 8 PRODUCTS
  33. Townhouse Tiles
    Townhouse Prices from £4.79 5 PRODUCTS
  34. Metropolis Tiles
    Metropolis Prices from £6.70 6 PRODUCTS
  35. Vintage Tiles
    Vintage Prices from £0.49 3 PRODUCTS
  36. Rustico XL Tiles
    Rustico XL Prices from £0.72 4 PRODUCTS
  37. Illumina Tiles
    Illumina Prices from £0.78 10 PRODUCTS
  38. Rustico Tiles
    Rustico Prices from £0.30 7 PRODUCTS
  39. Metropolitan Tiles
    Metropolitan Prices from £0.88 10 PRODUCTS
  40. Brick Effect Tiles
    Brick Effect Prices from £2.34 2 PRODUCTS
  41. Native Wood Effect Tiles
    Native Wood Effect Prices from £2.08 3 PRODUCTS
  42. Polished Marble Effect Tiles
    Polished Marble Effect Prices from £3.52 8 PRODUCTS
  43. Artiste Tiles
    Artiste Prices from £0.42 6 PRODUCTS
  44. Metro XL Flat Tiles
    Metro XL Flat Prices from £0.62 6 PRODUCTS
  45. White Ceramic Tiles
    White Ceramic Prices from £0.26 7 PRODUCTS
  46. Parisian Chic Tiles
    Parisian Chic Prices from £1.49 4 PRODUCTS
  47. Microline Tiles
    Microline Prices from £0.34 2 PRODUCTS
  48. Metro XL Tiles
    Metro XL Prices from £0.62 3 PRODUCTS
  49. Concrete Effect Tiles
    Concrete Effect Prices from £5.48 10 PRODUCTS
  50. Bengal Slate Effect Tiles
    Bengal Slate Effect Prices from £4.14 1 PRODUCT

With so many different stylish collections in the Budget range, comprising of both wall and floor tiles, in matt or polished finishes and a variety of sizes, from small wall to scored rectangular planks and large format stone-effect floorings, you sure will find something you love.

You might begin with the stripped down simplicity of concrete, with tiles such as the large format Lavastone, Loft, or the many different stone-effect finishes you can find in the Sediment Stone range (based on natural English stone from the Lake District), the Virgo collection (based on original Italian limestone), the Crossover or the Quarrystone range (based on natural sandstone).

Plain floor tiles in a large format square work well in combination with a textured wall tile, such as the Sunset range, the lightly scored Sediment or the deliciously uneven waves of the Virgo Decor.

Similar stylish effects can be found in the Metropolitan range, which showcases an on-trend, small metro-style tile which looks fabulous on kitchen or bathroom walls or which can be used for a hearth surround, splash-back or feature wall.

If your taste is for vintage and retro, then you can't do better than the deliciously old-fashioned range of Eastern Patchwork tiles. This exquisite collection of small porcelain tiles is based on traditional designs from Morocco, reproduced using the latest techniques in high definition digital printing. Now you can get the real rustic effect of an old Moroccan souk, but in a totally modern material, giving you both a deluxe tile and one which is easily installed and maintained.

In keeping with the randomness of personalised patchwork design, Eastern Patchwork tiles are dispatched in an arbitrary selection of 27 different 20cm square options, offering you an opportunity to experiment. With these tiles, it's not just the result that matters, but the pleasure of playing around with the various geometric floral patterns in beautiful muted blues, greens and golds, to fashion an entirely unique design. This range offers a fascinating way to enliven any atmosphere, whether at home or at work, as an eye-catching feature wall, a colourful dado or border, or a sink or hearth surround.

These and many more outstanding choices can be found in the Budget range, so click today to get tiling!