Vintage and Patterned Tiles Buying Guide


If you're reading this Guide you must already be thinking about tiling your home, but perhaps you're still wondering what kind of tiles to buy. Vintage and Patterned ceramic tiles are currently topping the trends, and will add texture and style to any type of home.

The patchwork theme is very popular in interior design right now, and many of our tiles are supplied in boxes of mix-and-match patchwork styles, so that you can make up your own patterns on your walls and floors at home.

At Tons of Tiles you’ll find plenty of choices in colours and styles which will fire your imagination and lead you down a creative path of interior design. Vintage and Patterned tiles are taking home décor up to a new artistic level, giving your entire home an individual appeal that will be both eye-catching and highly personalised.

Alternatively, you can choose from some of the many more traditional styles we have to offer, so if you are considering installing Vintage or Patterned tiles in your home, read our helpful hints below to find the perfect style for you.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Both types of tile are made from clay and other similar, naturally occurring materials, but the clay used in porcelain tiles has been more purified and refined than that used in ceramic tiles. This leads them to be denser and more durable than ceramic, and a lot more resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for many home and commercial applications.

This kind of tile is excellent for both light and heavy traffic, as they carry their colours and patterns right through the thickness of the tile. They are a popular choice for kitchen and bathrooms, where they will absorb far less water than the more porous ceramic tiles. A charming tile like the Arabesque will look great in the bathroom; or perhaps try a more striking style like the Gatsby, if you want to make a bold statement.

Ceramic tiles are usually made from white or red clay mixtures, with the patterns and colours infused in a durable glaze. They can be used for both floors and walls, but are less resistant to wear and tear, so are generally more suited to more moderate traffic. Ceramic tiles look great in any room and a versatile style like the Devon Stone, for example, can make an arresting feature of a hallway or entrance lobby.

Tons of Tiles carries many options in both types of tile, so you can choose which will be the most appropriate for the location you have in mind.

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Wall or Floor?

Most of the tiles in the Vintage and Patterned Range can be used on floors and on walls, in the kitchen, bathroom, hall or living areas, and most can be used in wet rooms when properly sealed.

To maintain the maximum quality and life of these tiles we recommend sealing them with an appropriate sealer like the LTP Mattstone.

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Modern or Vintage?

At Tons of Tiles we have a huge range of choices for every style of interior design, from period to wildly avant garde. Our Victorian Collection, for example, is based on original designs from that era, and is ideal for installation in an older or renovated property where you want to give it a traditional look. We also offer a number of antique styles relating to North African traditional hand-painted ceramics, such as the delicious Moroccan Collection.

If you want to go ultra-modern, try looking at Ted Baker's collection of very chic designs, or the sharp and edgy style of the Windmill Geometric. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, try the optically interesting design of the Sloane Square or Illusion tile.

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Matt or Gloss?

Most of the tiles in the Vintage and Patterned collection have a matt finish, so that the pattern is more clearly discerned and the overall look is more antique for the old-fashioned styles. There are a few gloss finishes available, however, such as the delightfully old-fashioned Parisian Chic, which comes in both matt and gloss options.

To maintain the maximum quality and life of these tiles we recommend sealing them with an appropriate sealer like the LTP Mattstone.

Monochrome or Colour?

There are many really striking monochrome designs in the Vintage and Patterned range, and these can be either stark and clean like the popular Bertie, or beguiling with more complex patterns like the soft grey Manor.

The big interior design trend at the moment, though, is for patchwork, and the more colourful the better! You can have patches of colour like this complex Kasbah design as a feature in a monotoned wall or floor, or go wild and cover the whole space with a riot of colour like this Comillas Patchwork floor.

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Large or Small?

Whatever size room you are looking to tile, at Tons of Tiles we have a wide range of sizes which will fit. Porcelain tiles tend to be smaller, such as the above-mentioned Arabesque at 20x20cm, or this Ted Baker Geo Tile Deco at 15x15cm. These options are better suited to wall surrounds or floor features, while if you are looking to cover a larger space such as an entire wall or floor, you might go all the way up to a 45x45cm ceramic tile like the gorgeous Metropolis collection from prestigious designer Francisco Segarra. Consider your space and room measurements, and you are sure to find one of the many available sizes to meet your exact requirements.

Speciality Tiles

Our Vintage and Patterned Collection offers a wide range of interesting colour and style options, but for a really special look why not try something more unusual? We have three different sizes of hexagonal tile, including the gorgeous Souk 15x15cm Ceramic, the Hexagon 17.5x20cm Porcelain and the Baroque 22x25cm Porcelain, while for something truly stunning why not try our 30x30cm glass tiles, such as the luscious Marrakech Mosaic?

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Indoors or Out?

Many of our Vintage and Patterned tiles are excellent for indoor use, and are suitable for use in wet rooms (when sealed) and with underfloor heating, but many others, such as this gorgeous Eastern Patchwork, are also weather-resistant and can be used in outdoor applications such as patios and pathways.

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Laying Your Tiles?

Most of the tiles in the Vintage and Patterned range are square, so are not really suited to the popular herringbone pattern or brick layout. Square tiles, especially larger ones, are installed in a straight lay arrangement, where each tile lines up directly with the ones below and alongside it. Hexagon tiles are more difficult to install and may require the help of an expert tiler.

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Preparing Your Space for Tiling

The first and most important thing to consider at this point is careful measurement: measure the precise length and width of your entire room, in centimetres, to calculate its dimension, and then subtract the dimension of any parts of the room which will not be tiled. The resulting figure will be the actual size of the space you are tiling.

Add 10% to the total figure (you can do this easily by multiplying the number by 1.1) to allow for wastage during installation. You can then use this figure to calculate how many tiles you need, by entering it directly into the calculator on the Tons of Tiles product pages.

We hope you have found this Buying Guide helpful, and that you will enjoy choosing and installing your new tiles.

Vintage & Patterned Buying Guide


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