Patchwork tiles are still climbing the popularity ladder and we have embraced this current trend by nearly doubling our range.

Take a look at some of our new patchwork tiles…

Hexagon Harmony

Hexagon Nature

Create a beautiful statement floor in any room with these hexagonal patterned tiles…made from solid porcelain they are perfect for adding some style to any space.

Patchwork tiles with a modern twist…..?

Camden Patchwork Porcelain
60×60 Tiles by Peronda

Fancy something a little more contemporary? Patchwork tiles don’t always have to have a vintage or rustic feel…these new Camden Patchwork (60x60cm) Tiles from Peronda are the perfect way to introduce the patchwork style into a modern property…

A Modern Twist On The Patchwork Trend…

The subtle approach…

Our new Hamilton Patchwork Tiles are the perfect way to incorporate a patchwork effect with a softer touch, the ditsy print tiles are available in neutral shades of either beige or grey and perfect for incorporating into a cottage or farmhouse environment.

Hamilton Patchwork in Beige & Grey

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