Organic Glamour

Bringing the outdoors in’ has been one of the fastest emerging interior design trends in recent years, and it’s a trend that’s been instrumental in sparking a revived interest in ‘boundary rooms’. Rooms such as sunrooms, conservatories, and solariums are very much an extension of the indoor space, and yet at the same time exhibit more outdoorsy qualities, thanks to their large panes of glass and great views of the surrounding landscape. Sunrooms are naturally very organic, but how can we incorporate this organic style into other rooms of the home? Happily, it’s actually very easy to do!

One of the biggest ways that homeowners are succeeding in replicating organic sunroom glamour throughout the home is by focusing on colour. Colour system specialist Pantone have crowned ‘Greenery’ the 2017 colour of the year, which they say mimics ‘flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors’. Pantone advise that ‘Greenery’ be paired with other natural colours, such as ‘Rose Quartz’, ‘Copper’, and ‘Sheepskin’, but what other ideas could be used to recreate this organic theme?

Here’s some inspiration:


Although white tiles will always remain a firm favourite due to their fresh, crisp, and clean look, it’s expected that terracotta will give them a run for their money this year. Rustic terracotta tiles exhibit a deep warmth that white tiles simply can’t provide, making them a great alternative to the classic cool tones that we already know and love. Minimalist design isn’t showing any signs of dying out, but what we are starting to see is a bit more equilibrium between streamlined, modern decor and busier, more homely design. Once primarily a border tile, terracotta is now being used for full floor coverage.

Dark Greens

Dark colours have always had a place in interior design, and they always will. After all, they provide an excellent contrast to lighter styles, and make for fantastic feature walls. However, experts believe that the types of dark colours we’re using will shift slightly in line with the organic glamour trend, with less emphasis on old favourites – blacks and navys – and a renewed interest in deep, forest greens. Like terracotta, dark green is warming in nature, and brings a depth to the room that other colours cannot. It can easily be incorporated as a feature with a single piece of furniture or contrasting tile border.


The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ isn’t just about colours; it’s about how it actually makes us feel. Why do we enjoy spending time outdoors? Because it provides an escape from aspects that have become normal parts of everyday life: TV, computer screens, and other digital distractions. However, we don’t need to head outdoors to enjoy this sense of escapism. Instead, we can create it indoors by incorporating natural, organic-style products into our designs. How about creating a small nook complete with Icelandic sheepskin throws, chunky knit wool rugs, and earthy colours like browns and greens?

Garden Greenery

There is, perhaps, no bigger part of organic glamour than bringing some garden greenery into your home, and the good news is that you don’t need to have green thumbs to achieve success. If an indoor herb garden seems a little out of your league, then a small cactus garden could be just what you need. These tough little plants need minimal maintenance, and tend to look great all year round. If you're searching for something that looks even more impressive, then consider creating your own terrarium. All you need is a small glass jar, some moss, and a few bright, light-loving decorative plants – you can try African Violets, Button Ferns, or an Air Plant, for example.

More Ways to Achieve Garden Glamour

There are plenty of other ways to bring the natural beauty of the sunroom into your home. As well as using terracotta tiles and deep green hues, and creating relaxing spaces in which to escape from everyday stresses and strains, how about incorporating some traditionally outdoor furniture into your home? Hammocks can work well inside, along with wicker chairs and tables.

You could also focus on more natural materials, like quarrystone and wood, or you could even combine the look of organic materials with the unbeatable strength and durability of man made products; hard-wearing and beautiful wood effect tiles, for example. Finally, how about some intricate mosaics, replicating the courtyards of the Middle East? Anything is possible!

Escape and Relax