This year is the third National Tile Week since it begun in 2016. National Tile Week aims to celebrate tiles and to inspire people to use tiles in their homes. National Tile Week takes place in April, falling before the two bank holidays in May, making it the perfect time to begin a new DIY project.

Julie Kendall, from TV show DIY SOS, is a huge supporter of the event stating “I am delighted to be supporting NTW 2018 to help raise awareness of the versatility of tiles. Consumers don’t realise how vast and exciting the choice of tiles is and I am keen to champion this under-used yet fabulous surface material".


Julie Kendall is not wrong, tiles can certainly add a huge "WOW" factor to any room, they are incredibly low maintenance making them a very practical choice.

National Tile Week makes tiling projects accessible to everyone including complete beginners. Many tile retailers have free guides (Tons of Tiles Guides or to Ultimate Tiling Guide)  available online to help you excel in your next project regardless of your previous experience. So why not use National Tile Week to explore your options, plan your project and order your tiles now for delivery just before the bank holiday weekend.

Julie Kendall
Tiles From Tons of Tiles

Our Top 8 Reasons To Use Tiles

1 - Unlike carpets and wallpaper tiles are easy to clean and cannot form a home to dust mites and microbes making them the optimal choice for those with allergies or asthma

2 - They don’t stain or burn, think of Christmas, red wine, and drunk family members.

3 - They wear very slowly, tiles can look like new for many years

4 - They are scratch resistant making them ideal for homes with children, pets, or for those who wear high heels

5 - Tiled floors give you the option of installing underfloor heating

6 - They are water resistant making them ideal for using in halls, kitchens and bathrooms

7 - On that note, they are also heat resistant so can be used around fireplaces

8 - Tiles are also more environmentally friendly than other methods of decoration due to efficient manufacturing processes and their longevity

You might be wondering where the best place is to start. Thankfully there are many resources online, check out our mood boards or follow us on Instagram, to get some inspiration.

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