Take a short tour with us on the history of metro tiles and see how they are still standing strong in the world of interior design....

They seem to be all the rage in kitchens and bathroom these days, but the history of the Metro Tile, also known as “Subway Tile” date back to the London Underground and the unveiling of the New York subway system in the early 1900′s.

Metro tilesSubway Tiles

Small & neat white tiles covered the walls of the new subway platforms, featuring colourful mosaics pieces. The London Underground equally as intricate with tunnels of colourful tiles incorporating beautiful pieces of art. Most of these beautiful metro tiles still greeting travellers as they step off trains to this very day…

Metro Tiles on the London UndergroundMetro Tiles on the London Underground

These days, subway and metro tiles are used frequently used in interior design. They’re clean and fresh, and although originating from times past, metro tiles still seem to hold a modern and contemporary feel…

Their simple shape can create a multitude of different effects depending on how they are used, the classic brick effect is undoubtedly the most popular style in which to use a metro tile, however we have also seen designs such as applying these tiles upright or even in a herringbone effect. Metro tiles are often available with special matching pieces such as dado borders or trims which can add a more traditional finish to a room.

Bathroom Metro Tiles   Bathroom Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are one of the most versatile wall tiles around. A tile that seems to work in every setting – from country kitchens, retro bathrooms, period properties and even industrial style interior design. Perhaps this is what’s making them so popular in both residential and commercial design?

Industrial Kitchen Metro Tiles Metro Kitchen Backsplash

Take a look at these fantastic designs below for another twist on the classic metro tile……  the perfect example of how a contrasting or coloured grout can create a completely different metro look.

Pantry Metro TilesMetro Tiles with coloured grout


Why not consider these tiles for your next interior project? The possibilities are endless with styles such as gloss, matt, flat, bevelled & crackle glazed. Take a look at Tons of Tiles and get inspired by the wide choice of colours, finishes, sizes and styles. Starting at only £11.00 per sqm, Metro Tiles are the perfect accessory to any style or bathroom or kitchen design and will not blow your budget.