Lighting Underline

Unless you have a lot of natural light and it’s a bright day it’s best to turn on every light and lamp you have in the space you want to photograph. Modern phones have excellent cameras, but to make the most of them you want as much light as possible.


Framing Underline

For photos for our customer creations competition it’s important to include plenty of tiles! Shots should be straight and level, unless you need to shoot at an angle for artistic effect. Consider exactly what will show up in the image: you might have beautiful ornate feet on your Victorian bath, but no one wants to see the toilet plumbing!


Interest Underline

Including features of the room or space with your tiles will help add interest to your image. Careful placing of accessories really helps to make your design and personality stand out in your image. On the left, TwoLittleBearCubs have used plants to add a personal touch to an already fantastic staircase. Be creative!


Details Underline

This is what often separates an average photograph from a fantastic one. Attention to detail is key, ensure all surfaces are clean, all decorations are as you want them and for kitchens and bathrooms check that towels are straight and cushions fluffed. It’s also worth thinking about what might show up outside any windows you may have in the photo.

We love seeing all of the fantastic and creative ways you use our tiles. We always appreciate all of the entries, although it makes choosing the four shortlisted images for the competition very difficult. We’d love to see your creations in their full splendour but Instagram only posts very low quality images, if you have the original image - even on your phone - we’d love to see it.

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