So, you're about to do some tiling. That is something you can feel justifiably excited about! A new set of tiles can put a fresh face on any kitchen or bathroom space. To do it right, however, takes a bit of effort and planning, especially if you want to keep within a budget. One of the most important things to do is to find out exactly how much material you need, so as not to overbuy. And when it comes to tiling, you are going to make two major materials purchases: tiles, of course, and grout.

What is Grout?

Grout is the mortar/paste that fills in the spaces between the tiles and creates a smooth, attractive finish to the job.

Where Can I get Grout?

Grout is available in a range of colours from our Grout category. We select only the best grout for your tiling project.

How Much Grout Do I Need?

The amount of grout to get depends on three things: the size of the space you are tiling, the size of the tiles and the spacers you are using. To make the calculation, follow these steps:

Measure the floor space:

To find out how much grout you need, the first thing you have to know is exactly how much tiling you are going to be doing. Take a precise measure of the floor area that you will be tiling.
If the room is a perfect rectangle, your job is easy. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply the numbers together. For example, if the room is 3 metres wide and 4 metres long, the area is 12 square metres.
However, if the space is broken up by, for example, a kitchen island, you will need to break it up into multiple smaller squares, measure those, and find the sum of the smaller measurements.

Vintage Crackle Glaze Wall TIles
Vintage Crackle Glaze Wall TIles
Grouting Tiles
Grouting Tiles

Measure the tiles:

Tiles, whether porcelain, ceramic or another material, come in a range of sizes. They can range in sizes from our Mini Metro Range and our Sediment Stone Range. The size of your tiles and thickness has a significant effect on how much grout you need, so be sure to get precise measurements of the tile sizes you are going to be using.


You need to work out the size of the spacer are you are going to use. The gap and depth are important to know as this will determine how much grout you need.

Ordering Your Grout

As a guide one 3kg bag will cover approx. 5m2 with a 7.5 x 15 tile with a 2mm spacer. The same size bag will cover approx. 15m2 with a 60 x 60 tile with a 2mm spacer. If you are having any trouble with the calculation, speak to our customer services team; they are well practiced at figuring out how much you'll need! Experts advise buying at least ten per cent more grout than your calculated requirements. This will account for any grout that gets spilled or wasted in the mixing process, as well as the last remnants you can't quite scoop out of your grout bucket.

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Whether you're looking to tackle the project yourself or supply adhesive and grout to your tradesmen, we have all you need for the job. Our ranges cover everything you may require for the tiling project and our customer service team are fully trained to give you the assistance you need.

Our supplier over at Instarmac have a handy little calculator on their site which will help you calculate how much grout you need. Use the Calculator.
So, congratulations on your home improvement project, and happy tiling!