The Big build in Welwyn Garden City

The Family

Whilst at university, Sascha met her future husband Andrew. During this time Sascha was training to be a midwife but being a single mum at the time, caring for her disabled dad and younger brother. Sascha and Andrew fell in love, were married and then had children.

In 2012, Sacha came home one day with a throat infection that would change everything. After consultations with doctors, they believe that the infection caused her immune system to over-respond. This led to kidney disease.  After reassurance from her doctor that it would be decades before she needed treatment, Sascha's symptoms unfortunately grew rapidly. After 6 months, Sascha required dialysis at least 4 days a week after discovering she had final stage kidney disease.

When Christmas 2015 came around, Sacha's heartbeat reached 200 bpm (beats per minute) resulting in her going into cardiac arrest. Due to her dialysis regime, Sascha faces the constant threat of life-threatening blood clots. A kidney transplant from her brother has failed, leaving her with a life-limiting prognosis with three young children.

During this period Sacha's eldest son Charlie has stepped in as a carer to his younger siblings, all whilst juggling an apprenticeship. While Charlie was caring for his siblings, dad Andrew worked to pay the bills.

After the failed kidney transplant, a new kidney transplant could change everything, but unfortunately, she became too ill to go back onto the transplant waiting list.

The only hope the family has is home dialysis. This hope was soon dashed when they found that they did not have the room for this. The family could not afford the extension to the property required, this is where DIY SOS stepped in.

The Plan

A dedicated single-storey extension would be built to create the space required for the NHS to install the at-home dialysis system that would allow Sascha to receive daily treatment.

Building this extension and with shorter daily sessions at home, this would dramatically improve Sascha's health, helping her to regain her life.

With the improvements to Sacha's health, it would also relieve the pressure on Charlie, allowing him to focus on his apprenticeship. Most importantly, the family can spend much-needed quality time with their mum as a family.

Designer Gabrielle Blackman worked with all suppliers and tradespeople to create a beautiful plan for the transformation.

The Build

Beginning on the 23rd August the DIY SOS team swiftly moved in and started work on building the extension and stripping out the other rooms in the house. Once complete the other tradespeople moved in to start renovating the house from the bottom to the top.

Arabesque Tiles were used in the bathroom to create a stunning floor along with the simple White Satin Tiles to create a simple but elegant bathroom.

Artiste Duck Egg Tiles were used in the toilet on the wall to bring a bit of colour to a simple, functional room.

Using some of our wood effect tiles, the team created a unique, but stylish, wall in the kitchen/dining space.

It wasn't just the interior that was transformed. The whole back garden was completely redesigned with railway sleepers for a multi-level garden for the whole family to use.

After just eight days the team had finished the transformation.

With the transformation complete, all the tradespeople could not wait to see the family reaction upon their return. On Thursday 1st September the family returned home to the grand unveiling of their completely transformed home.

This has changed our world.

Sascha and Andrew could not believe what the team had managed to achieve in such a short time frame.

I could not believe it. The designer did it so right. She read my mind. It is perfect for us and our family. It is so clever. - Sascha

Sascha is now able to start her daily dialysis treatment and spend more time with her family. We wish Sascha and the whole family all the best going forwards.

Wild Wood Air Wall & Floor Tiles
Wild Wood Air Wall & Floor Tiles
Artiste Duck Egg Wall Tiles
Artiste Duck Egg Wall Tiles
Arabesque Wall & Floor Tiles
Arabesque Wall & Floor Tiles
The Big Build in Welwyn Garden City
The Big Build in Welwyn Garden City