How To Tile Your Bathroom

Although it sounds strange, 2018 is coming to an end and to help recap, we've rounded up some of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year in interior and tile design. So, if you're looking to invest in some new trends, hopefully, we will be able to help you out! Trying to predict trends is almost impossible, but there are always fundamental designs that manage to stand the test of time. A few timeless tiles that have stood out this year are Porcelain and Concrete styles. These collections have had an impact throughout 2018 and they look to be steadily growing in popularity.

So, what makes Porcelain a consistent favourite? The versatility of these tiles makes them a great option for all different projects. The various colour options and textures, give you endless choices and incorporating porcelain into your next bathroom renovation can be seamless. Tiling your shower with large porcelain tiles will give your bathroom a classic look and will also avoid numerous grouting lines which can ruin the modern aesthetic. The reason we think porcelain has maintained its popularity is due to its adaptability. Want to create a wooden effect? Porcelain Wood Effect tiles. Want to create an industrial look? Porcelain Stone Effect Tiles. Thinking of embracing Vintage design? You get the idea... Whatever you're looking for Porcelain tiles probably offers it.

Concrete effects have stood the test of time and they don't look like they are going anywhere. Stone tiles offer luxury textures and a contemporary look, whilst maintaining its industrial undertones. This stunning contrast has brought them to the forefront of interior design in recent years. The bold nature of these ranges encourage loud accessories, this has seen an increase in reclaimed and vintage furniture. We think Concrete is a safe bet, but if you're not convinced, you can pick up a sample for 99p!

Now for the exciting part! So, what has emerged in 2018? Many different styles come and go, but there have been some prominent trends throughout the year. One of the first directions interior design took early this year, was with the resurgence of Terrazzo tiles. This style embraces its ancient mosaic roots, giving bathrooms and kitchen a mid-century modern design. This old trend has made a complete comeback! The Terrazzo range offers a modern and vintage vibe, making them a perfect fit for trendy home design. With new refreshing colour combinations available, right now is the time to invest!

The importance of colour combinations can make or break interior and exterior design projects. So, which colour has made the biggest splash this year? We believe its blue. With so many hues and shades to choose from you are really spoilt for choice. Blue isn't the most eccentric colour, but matching it with bronze and gold details, will create a rich and indulgent setting. Neutral shades like beige and cream have made a breakthrough in recent years. But with this being said, colour is back and blue stands at the forefront of this colour revolution. From eye-catching aqua to royal turquoises, the hardest part is only picking one shade. Need a place to start? Why not take a look at our Vintage Laura Ashley Blue tile or the chic Artesano Colonial Blue.

Make sure you try to refresh your homes with the latest interior design and tile trends! If you're in need of any inspo check out our Instagram and Pinterest accounts!