Spring Mood Board

With spring in the air, the natural look becomes more prevalent. Creating luxurious interiors continues to dominate most design trends, gold has become a key colour representing decadence.  Combine with a muted palette of blush, grey, ochres, ice-cream pastels, shimmering finishes and mixing different metallics. Creating a perfect harmony between refinement and vibrancy is important in your scheme, this is the challenge for the new generation of design enthusiasts

Colour pops and statement furniture such as a bold yellow velvet sofa, helps create a sumptuous look. Attention to detailing is playing an important role in interior design such as: tassels, hanging baskets, feathers, intricate geometric patterns, botanical references and wood marquetry, geometry is now everywhere from cushions, rugs, wallpapers, tiles and art edging towards Art Deco trends.


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