12 Festive Ways

At this time of year, there's always a lot going on, not least of which is sourcing Christmas presents and decorations. Joining the throngs in packed shopping malls, staking your claim on that last pack of baubles at the market, and splurging on last-minute gifts is all part of the Christmas experience.

With a bit of planning and some inventive upcycling, however, Christmas prep can be a lot of fun – and much more affordable! You can make stockings out of old clothes and curtains, repurpose jars as candle holders, and ransack your back garden or local park for festive greenery.

And if you’ve had a delivery of tiles in recent months? Time to grab the sandpaper, paint, and a handful of nails. Repurposing the wooden pallet your tiles were delivered on is easier than you might think! For inspiration, read on to discover twelve delightful ways of transforming that boring old tile pallet.


1. Christmas Tree

As one of the bigger DIY projects on this list, it’s one to get started with as soon as possible. You can upcycle your pallet into a chic tree, by removing the slats and lining them up on the floor to mark out the tree shape. Cut the slats into shape, nail another board vertically along the back for central support, and then sand, paint, or decorate as you see fit!

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Pallet Wine Rack

2. Wine Rack

If you know someone who loves nothing more than a good glass of red by the fire at Christmas, this should be your go-to gift. Simply saw off the end section of your pallet, and attach a board along the bottom to hold the bottles. Pure rustic chic

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Pallet Garden Decorations

3. Garden Decorations

If you’re concerned about expensive garden decorations getting ruined in bad weather, this is a fantastic option. Buy some weatherproof paint and cut out some cute decorative panels or tree shapes to sit outside your house. You can enhance their appearance with outdoor fairy lights.

Upcycling your pallet!

Pallet Festive Signs

4. Festive Signs

For a really quick and easy pallet project, arrange three lengths of pallet board and fix them together with strong glue. Drill two holes at the top and thread through string or ribbon. Once you’ve done that, you can decorate your cute Christmas sign however you want.

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Pallet Christmas Ornaments

5.Christmas Tree Ornaments

A fun, smaller-scale pallet project involves cutting down your wooden boards to make tree ornaments. Rope in a skilled grown-up to cut out a variety of shapes and drill holes for the ribbon loops, and then you can let the little ones go crazy with the paint and glitter.

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Pallet Card Holder

6. Card Holder

One of the simplest entries on this list involves fixing your pallet slats into one solid board and arranging a piece of string or ribbon across the front. Once you’ve fixed the string into place along the sides of the board, you can hang all your Christmas cards. It’s certainly better than trying to fit them all on that overcrowded mantelpiece…

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Pallet Wreath

7. Handmade Wreath

Wood from your pallet can be repurposed to create a variety of different Christmas wreaths. You can create a sign to hang in front of your existing wreath, or construct the basis for a wreath itself – simply arrange some boards, cut them into a circle, fix them together, and start decorating!

Rustic inspiration

Pallet Christmas Centrepiece

8. Chic Centrepieces

For an easy, on-trend centrepiece, simply take apart your pallet and source three boards of equal length and width. Use three to create a rectangular container, and the fourth to cut out the two end pieces. You can fix everything together using strong adhesive or nails.

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9. Christmas Eve Box

Seeking that perfect present to get your little ones even more excited for the big day? Try making your own Christmas Eve box from pallet boards, and stuffing it with goodies like festive pyjamas, Christmas books, and a couple of sweet treats.

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Pallet Stocking Hangers

10. Stocking Hanger

An inventive – and kid-pleasing – way of repurposing an old wooden pallet is to put together a stocking hanger. Create a sturdy base and attach a few posts, keeping them supported at the back with another board. Hammer a nail into the top of each and voilà, you have a place to hang your stockings.

Stocking holder inspiration

Christmas Wall Art

11. Decorative Wall Art

An easy way to create Christmas art in your home is to attach several boards from your pallet together and hang it on an empty stretch of wall. Making sure that you cover your floor and furnishings, you can start painting on a design. For the finishing touches, attach some baubles in a festive shape, hang tree decorations, or simply festoon it with fairy lights.

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Pallet Coat Rack

12. Coat Rack

Upcycling a pallet isn’t all about decoration! With some metal hangers, a good coat of varnish, and a bit of patience and hard work you can make a fantastic coat rack.

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