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  • In The Mood: Art Deco & Marble Mood Board

    We all know about the marble interior trend that has been taking the world by lately. With Art Deco patterns re-emerging, marble is being taken to a new level of elegance, sophistication and luxury. Using marble with other lavish materials and patterns for a cohesive aesthetic.
  • In The Mood: Modern Provence Mood Board

    Whilst Terrazzo can suit many diverse trends, utilising it within a modern Provencal interior design scheme, is inspired. Modern Provencal blends simplicity, handmade / natural fabrics with vintage accents.
  • National Tile Week

    This year is the third National Tile Week since it began in 2016. National Tile Week aims to celebrate tiles and to inspire people to use tiles in their homes. National Tile Week takes place in April, falling before the two bank holidays in May, making it the perfect time to begin a new DIY project.
  • In The Mood: Modern Industrial Mood Board

    Modern industrial interior design is about show piecing raw structural elements of the building and contrasting with super-sleek modern materials. Exposing all the imperfections helps create a raw and edgy look that has a unique flavour.
  • In The Mood: Modern Retro Mood Board

    Modern retro is a mixture of styles and objects that are influenced from trends and styles from the past generally ranging the 1950’s to 1970’s. The overall philosophy is giving old styles a modern twist, by mixing second-hand furniture/objects and presenting them in a contemporary setting.
  • 2018 Spring Interiors Mood Board

    With spring in the air, the natural look becomes more prevalent. Creating luxurious interiors continues to dominate most design trends, gold has become a key colour representing decadence.  Combine with a muted palette of blush, grey, ochres, ice-cream pastels, shimmering finishes and mixing different metallics.
  • In The Mood: Vintage Industrial Mood Board

    Our Moorish tiles suit vintage industrial trends perfectly. In recent years Industrial style has taken the world by storm.
  • In The Mood: Hygge Living

    One of the biggest trends around this year, pronounced “hoo-ga” this Nordic lifestyle inspired trend focusses on comfort and well-being.
  • In The Mood: Modern Farmhouse Mood Board

    Basalto slate is a hard-wearing tile perfect for use in farmhouse interiors. Farmhouse schemes should be clean, stylish, warm-hearted, full of charm and character. Nothing should be too delicate or precious, the interior should look like its evolved, rather than artificially put together.
  • In The Mood: Spa Bathroom Luxe Mood Board

    The Kalahari collection is a perfect tile to create a stylish spa bathroom. Spa bathrooms are easy and affordable to achieve, done correctly they have a wonderful way of melting away the day's worries and stresses.
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