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Bengal Slate Effect Tiles are porcelain tiles which makes them durable. These satin finished tiles are the perfect tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Made out of the best raw materials available, these tiles are of high quality and do not fall apart easily.

After installing these tiles they require no expensive or time consuming maintenance. All they need is regular cleaning to keep their appearance and they will last for decades to come. These stone tiles can withstand temperature changes and can be cleaned with chemicals or cleaning detergents without fading or breaking. Multicoloured tiles always look exquisite in any place they are used. These Bengal Slate Effect tiles will synchronize with any colour wall, furniture and even curtains.

Bengal Slate Effect Tiles That Will Add The Zest To Your

If you are looking to add that zest to your house then the Bengal Slate Effect Tiles should be your choice. These tiles add elegance to your house while at the same time maintaining a traditional look. These tiles whether they are used in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or hall ways, create a balance between classy and traditional. These easy to clean porcelain tiles can take a lot of moisture so you do not need to worry about them shifting or cracking.

Use Bengal Slate Effect Tiles On Your Walls Or Floors 

These multi-coloured porcelain tiles can be used on your floors as well as the walls to create a unique and natural looking room. You may choose to use these tiles on the floor only or to use it on half or the entire walls in your house and sit back and watch as it adds personality to that room. If you are looking to add details to give attention to these tiles the just paint the wall above where these tiles are being used in a similar but not the exact colour as the tile. These tiles may be used to cover the entire floor or wall in your house adding elegance to every corner.

Order these tiles before 4.00pm and they will be delivered to you in excellent condition on the next working day.