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These black and white mosaic tiles are durable and can last for decade if they are properly installed. This is because our tiles are made from the finest material and manufactured under the highest international standards. They are available in a size of 30cm x 30cm and have a high gloss finish.

Add Artist Mosaic Tiles To Your Walls for That
Contemporary Look

Add them to complement any decor whether you are remodelling or designing a new room in
your home. Tiles are the best choice when choosing a wall material for your home because
they do not need waxing, sealing or polishing.

These tiles also go great with floor carpet and vinyl and you have the choice of mixing and
matching these black and white mosaic tiles with other colors or designs of tiles. Artist Mosaic
Tiles will work magic on your walls, these tiles can either be added to an entire wall or you can
choose to paint or lacquer part of the wall or even add your favourite design of wallpaper.

These tiles are water resistant which makes them the perfect choice for your bathroom,
laundry room, kitchen and other wet areas. They are inexpensive and a sleek way to transform
and add modern touch to your home.

Taking Care Of These Tiles is So Easy