Adesilex P9 White Slow Setting Adhesive 20KG

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Adesilex P9 is a slow setting cement based adhesive. 

Key Features

  • Slow-setting, cement-based

  • Grout after 4 hours (wall tiles) / 24 hours (floor tiles)

  • Suitable for external and internal use

  • Designed for use with small to medium format floor tiles

  • Adhesive bed from 3mm to 5mm thickness

  • Ideal for lighter colour tiles

Ideal for installing small to medium format tiles, Adesilex P9 offers a full contact, a cement-based adhesive in an easily pourable form. Suitable for bonding of all types of small medium to large ceramic/porcelain tiles, natural stone (if not sensitive to moisture or subject to surface efflorescence), terracotta, and terrazzo in interiors and exteriors. 


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