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Redesigning your bathroom doesn't have to be stressful. Our range of bathroom tiles can help you transform your bathroom into anything you wish it to be: whether that's a cool, contemporary room where you can unwind after a long hard day, or a trendy, hotel style wet room.

Choosing bathroom tiles is one of the deciding factors when you are redesigning your bathroom. From glossy trendy tiles to rustic ceramic tiles, you can find anything you wish for within our range of bathroom tiles. With so many to choose from, our tiles can help you transform your old worn bathroom into your dream space.

Quality Bathroom Tiles Available Quickly

On our bathroom tiles, we offer next working day delivery on ALL orders placed before 1:30pm. This means there is no delay when you are redesigning your bathroom, you can get cracking with the redecorating as soon as possible.

Whether you are planning a full renovation to your bathroom, or just wanting to spruce up the original tiles, our range of bathroom tiles will suit any need and be delivered in plenty of time. You may be planning to use our tiles on your bathroom walls or your bathroom floor and our range allows for either option.

We are passionate about our bathroom tiles and can make sure redecorating and redesigning your bathroom is as pleasant and stress-free as possible with our easy to order website. With every style imaginable, you can choose from hundreds of products to make sure your bathroom is exactly up to your highest standards. With every colour you can imagine, our range can transform your bathroom into whatever you want it to be.

Catering For Any Style, Browse Our Bathroom Tiles Designs Today

So what's it to be? Do you want a stunning rustic retreat after a long hard day where you can relax and unwind? Or do you want a contemporary, cool, trendy wet room where you can impress your friends and neighbours? With our bathroom tiles, anything you dream of for your bathroom is possible.

Our range features ceramic tiles to cover your walls in a beautiful sleek finish, as well as featuring glossy tiles to give your room a trendy feel. Browse our products and choose the one that's right for your dream bathroom and you can be assured your product will arrive in perfect condition and in plenty of time for your redesigning needs.  With competitive prices, you can be assured you're receiving the very best product for your money.

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Artisan by Laura Ashley
Artisan by Laura Ashley

6 tiles in this range
from £0.42 per tile

If you've always dreamed of having a country home, Laura Ashley bathroom tiles can help you achieve that dream—at least in part.

These stunning tiles have more character than you can shake a stick at, which is why the new Artisan range of tiles from Laura Ashley has become so popular. Available in various colours, these Laura Ashley bathroom tiles are the perfect option for anyone looking to create a cosy, welcoming bathroom.

A Traditional, Country-Style Look with Laura Ashley Bathroom Tiles

There's just something so enticing about being out in the country. Even for those of us who have never lived in a rural area, the idea just seems so relaxing with life moving at a slower, more leisurely pace. The idea of a quaint country cottage with the sun seeping through the windows in the morning and the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air would make anyone ecstatic. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of moving out to the country, but that doesn't mean we can't bring a bit of the country to us, thanks to the new range of Artisan tiles from Laura Ashley.

These stunning tiles have a handmade feel to them and would give even the most modern kitchen a traditional flair full of character that one simply can't ignore. Available in six different colours, namely French Grey, White, Pale Biscuit, Eau de Nil, Duck Egg and Cobblestone, these beautiful Laura Ashley tiles will add interest to any bathroom. Of course, just because they're slated for use in bathrooms doesn’t mean you can't give your kitchen the same treatment.

Measuring 7.5x15 cm, these oblong tiles can be used on their own or they can be mixed and matched to create a beautiful mosaic on your walls that will not only act as a focal point but truly bring the air of the country to your home, regardless of where it is.

Get Your Laura Ashley Bathroom Tiles From The Best Online Tile Retailer In The UK

One reason many of us don't have that country cottage is due to financial considerations and while redecorating your bathroom and kitchen is an excellent way to find that middle ground, it doesn't mean you should be spending a fortune on the tiles that will help you achieve it. At Tons of Tiles, we put our customers first, which is why you can be certain you'll always get the best of the best and since we work directly with factories across the UK and Europe, you can also be certain you won't find better prices anywhere else.

Additionally, there's nothing like being able to get everything you need from a single source. We make sure you have access to any and all tools and accessories you might need to make sure your bathroom features the most beautiful tiles possible.


1 tiles in this range
from £3.42 per tile

These Bengal bathroom tiles are traditionally greyish in colour with splashes of orange that will add a real rustic charm and character to your bathroom. What is more exciting is that they offer the beauty of natural slate through the latest inkjet technology, and come with all the benefits of porcelain tiles.

Bengal bathroom tiles
 come with an uneven surface that makes it great for bathroom floors and walls. Using the same tiles on your walls and floors will give your bathroom the uniformity you desire!

Additionally, using the same tiles on your floor and walls will provide continuity and your bathroom will visually open up, with distinctions between floor and ceiling receding to create the illusion of more space. A room with one floor colour and a contrasting coloured wall will appear disjointed and can make the space appear small. So, why not create the illusion of a room much bigger than it is?

There Are Huge Benefits To Using Bengal Bathroom Tiles

Before you rush to order your tiles and realise you have made the wrong choice, why not take us up on our offer to ship you a sample free of charge so you can see for yourself the beauty of these fabulous Bengal bathroom tiles, and get an idea of what they can do for you. You will find that the wondrous makeup of this tile accounts for its numerous benefits.

With Bengal bathroom tiles you get the look of slate tiles without the high maintenance issues of natural stone. To manufacture this tile we use man-made material that is renowned for its strength and durability. Bengal bathroom tiles are both versatile and readily available for next working day delivery when ordered before 1:30pm.

Bengal bathroom tiles come with a matte finish that does not reveal water spots or fingerprints, making your clean up simple and quick. This matte finish also makes it non-skid so you do not have to worry about it getting slippery when wet. It is always safe to walk on, wet or dry.

Stunning Bengal Bathroom Tiles Available Online Today

We could go on with more benefits and reasons for you to get this fantastic tile for your bathroom, but we do not want to bore you - we'd prefer for you to experience the beauty for yourself - after all, seeing is believing. Place your order and let out team of reliable staff get your tiles to you so you can get started with your bathroom. Order now - we guarantee your satisfaction.


1 tiles in this range
from £6.54 per tile

Contemporary, modern and great value. These uber cool floor tiles are based on concrete/cement floor finishes and are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and open plan living spaces.

Country Patchwork
Country Patchwork

2 tiles in this range
from £0.40 per tile

When looking for the perfect bathroom tile to complete your home, it becomes daunting with the variety to choose from. You can play it safe with all the plain minimalistic tiles that make the space predictable or you can create an energetic atmosphere with our Country Patchwork bathroom tiles.

Country Patchwork Bathroom Tiles Create Timelessness And Gorgeous Patterns

For centuries, Europeans have been mixing tile patterns, creating a one of a kind pieces that last a lifetime. With the onset of technology, these tiles can be provided to you in no time at all. The mixture of motifs in our Country Patchwork bathroom tiles resembles an ultra-stylish quilt and is guaranteed to brighten up your bathroom, bringing vibrancy to refresh your guests. What better way to make a statement?

Country Patchwork bathroom tiles exude style. Our patchwork tiles create an unusual but intriguing mosaic appearance that you can't help but fall in love with! Picking out the perfect pieces to create your unique pattern is always fun. What makes Tons of Tiles' ceramic tiles superior? We import quality products straight from the manufacturers in Europe, so you can always expect the best!

Use Country Patchwork Bathroom Tiles For A Vintage Aesthetic Look

Even though the practice of mixing and matching patterned tiles has been around for centuries, it is still in demand today. They are used for many purposes across all design styles. Style your bathroom to the theme of your favorite old time movie - many styles from the golden ages are being recycled.

Alternatively, adopt a modern, contemporary twist - are you remodeling with an edgy updated twist? Include patches or borders of Country Patchwork bathroom tiles to breathe life into your room. Inject a splash of colour for a bathroom remodel - boring, standard bathrooms are a thing of the past, brighten your bathroom with this affordable upgrade. These tiles are a great way to balance simplicity and elegant motifs with a vibrant, youthful update for the more chic bathroom add a boost of colour for a youthful atmosphere!

These Country Patchwork bathroom tiles ooze style and can be installed to suit almost any need. Browse our store and let us help you create a pattern suited to your individual needs or purchase your complete set, create a pattern that is uniquely you!


8 tiles in this range
from £4.14 per tile

Emulating the beauty of Canadian Marble, the Eramosa range offers 5 colours in both Matt and Gloss. Suitable for both walls and floors, its a stunning contemporary porcelain tile.


4 tiles in this range
from £1.08 per tile

Hamilton bathroom tiles are popularly known for their rug like appearance. With muted colours and their ability to blend as a base tile whilst maintaining a stylish finish, they should not just be limited to the bathroom. Durable and approved for wet areas, they're ideal for the interior and exterior of the home.

When used in the interior of the home, Hamilton bathroom tiles spark a warm feeling and set the foundation to create a sharp contrast to any area. With the beige and ash colours available, they offer an invitation to linger longer, whilst also evoking a sense of luxuriousness.

Hamilton bathroom tiles ramp up the pamper factor with their muted colours displaying a turn to nature. Available in beige and ash, they come in randomised patterns with a high translucent quality. White looks good, however beige and ash are softer and also stay clean longer, giving these tiles the potential to transform your bathroom and kitchen into a great room to be in.

Hamilton Bathroom Tiles: The Perfect Compliment

Whether you're constructing or redesigning your bathroom, kitchen or patio, Hamilton tiles are perfect for your home, giving it a feeling of tranquility. By offering a balance contrast and allowing your fixtures and cabinetry to make a crisp statement with their bold colours, you'll love coming home to these tiles.

When used in the bathroom it gives a relaxing feel, and with the multi-patterned designs Hamilton tiles are a well-represented choice, able to set the undertone for you bathroom furnishings and additional colour schemes.

Use Hamilton Bathroom Tiles For Less

Hamilton bathroom tiles transform your home -- whether interior or exterior -- into a place of class. Whether you're in your kitchen entertaining or on your patio, even having guests use your bathroom will give you a sense of pride and comfort, knowing your chosen Hamilton bathroom tiles have given your home a real boost.

Shop before 1:30pm during the week for next working day delivery, which facilitates the smooth flow of your remodeling or construction project, so you can complete your home in your desired finish sooner.

Luciano Patchwork
Luciano Patchwork

4 tiles in this range
from £1.00 per tile

Our Luciano range is the perfect patchwork choice. Available in 3 different decor colours as well as a plain base tile, these matt porcelain tiles will suit both modern and traditional properties. 


1 tiles in this range
from £1.36 per tile

Well known throughout the nation for its luxurious carrara marble effect, these Mantis bathroom tiles are created using the latest HD technology to give identity to each individual tile. These mind-blowing and durable marble effect tiles are an incredible option for any bathroom in your home.

When these stunning tiles are used inside your home, it adds a beautiful and unique 3D look to it. Our line of carrara marble effect tiles will transform your home with its breathtaking design creating a more modern look to it once used.

Multi-Use Ceramic Mantis Bathroom Tiles

These multi-use Mantis bathroom tiles are made from quality ceramic with a perfect matte finishing touch for the best results, guaranteed to meet all your expectations and requirements. These amazing tiles will fashion your home with a unique look of the 20th century.

These tiles will create a sensation room with an appearance that is of professional brilliance. These white toned marble effect tiles have a unique tone that can be mixed with a range of other colours for a captivating look without that designer price tag. Since these wonderfully made marble effect tiles have a class colour tone, they create a perfect shade of light in any room they are used. This means the room won't be too bright or dark but absolutely perfect, more welcoming and relaxing!

Mantis Bathroom Tiles Are An Ideal Choice For Your Home

If you are looking to redesign your bathroom, our Mantis bathroom tiles will be the ideal choice for you to create that elegant look of the future with its amazing marble effect. These tiles will create a glamorous look to any room with their ability to give each tile its own dazzling identity. These tiles will change the way anyone sees the bathroom in your home, adding a more peaceful, quiet and calm feeling wherever used.

You can use our range of Mantis Bathroom Tiles to transform your bathroom with an out of this world appearance, and with unbelievably low prices and next working day delivery on all orders made before 1:30pm, we guarantee there won't be anywhere you'd rather buy your tiles from.


1 tiles in this range
from £2.75 per tile

Mary Bathroom Tiles are available in black and white in 33cm x 33cm with a thickness of 9mm.  They are perfect for keeping the space neutral and airy and transforming your old and boring regular bathroom into a delicious fantasy.

Magically Transform Your Bathroom With Mary Bathroom Tiles

Our Mary Bathroom Tiles in black and white with a matte finish are perfect for the job, they will magically transform your bathroom and gave it a fresh look. These tiles are versatile; they can be added to your bathroom walls or floors. These tiles will brighten the look of your bathroom and their beautiful neutral colours will complement any style, shape and colour of bathroom accessories. Mary Bathroom Tiles are resistant to water, stains and moisture making them easy to clean and maintain.

Affordable And Durable Mary Bathroom Tiles

We only sell the finest and best quality tiles to our customers; our aim is to offer high quality products at affordable prices. Mary Bathroom Tiles are ceramic; they are a mixture of clay and other natural materials making them great for the environment. Once these tiles are installed there is no need to worry about replacing them because with proper care these tiles will stick around for decades. They are perfect for high traffic areas and do not crack easily.

Mary Bathroom Tiles can also be used in other parts of the home such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room or hallway. They are perfect for both residential and commercial use. They can complement both interior and exterior designs.

Get started with designing your bathroom today, you can mix and match various shades of tiles to add your unique tile design.  Order before 1:30pm today and be eligible for next working day delivery. We assure you that you will receive your tiles on time and in perfect condition.


6 tiles in this range
from £0.49 per tile

These high gloss handmade effect ceramic wall tiles are great for both contemporary and rustic looks. They offer versatility and style as well as great value. Available in 7 colours.


2 tiles in this range
from £3.46 per tile


2 tiles in this range
from £3.01 per tile

Mixing the stunning beauty of marble, limestone and travertine the multigraf range offers a unique beauty. Available in both Bone and Grey. 

Nature Wood 22x85cm
Nature Wood 22x85cm

4 tiles in this range
from £3.55 per tile

Nature offers beautiful wood effect porcelain and great value. The large plank format is the perfect solution to any interior design. Great for hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Available in four colours.

Reclaimed Wood 20x90cm
Reclaimed Wood 20x90cm

2 tiles in this range
from £5.23 per tile

If you want the look of a real wood surface, but your space can't accommodate a real wood floor, Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles are the answer. The tile that looks like wood flooring offers you a rough, moisture-resistant, wear-resistant surface that brings harmony as well as easy upkeep.

Here's just a couple of reasons why you'll want to consider these tiles:

·  They can create a realistic wood floor pattern for maximum visual effect

·  They are moisture-resistance, dent-resistance, scratch resistance and fire resistance

·  They can be installed in any part of your home, including cellars, toilets, and washing areas

·  They are extremely durable, lasting for years without fading

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles add tasteful decorative flavour to any room, so why not take a look in more detail?

Create A Natural Sophisticated Look With Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles

These tiles add stunning style to your interior, rivaled only by how practical they are as flooring surfaces in every part of a home or office. The tiles have always been available but have grown popular due to the improved technologies that make the wood effect more realistic than ever.

As any homeowner would know, any kind of floor you have requires some proper cleaning and it is much easier to clean tiles than a wooden surface.  This new style can easily create a uniform look in your home by laying it throughout so they are not limited to the bathroom or kitchen. They work equally well in the bedroom or living room.

Use Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles On The Floor Or Wall

Use Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles on both the floor and wall to create a dramatic look. It will certainly make a bold statement and what an easier way to do your cleaning by simply wiping away dirt from the walls.

If you're still not sure, a visit to our tile warehouse can help you make your choice. But remember, our Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Tiles are usually in stock and available for next working day delivery when ordered before 1:30pm.


6 tiles in this range
from £3.60 per tile

Marble.......reinterpreted and modernised. Our Scot range is a rich mix of graphics and colours in an easy maintenance porcelain. Beautifully presented in this stunning 15 x 90cm format. Available in 3 colours and matching mosaics.


1 tiles in this range
from £1.07 per tile

Great value slate effect ceramic tile perfect for those on a budget but still wanting style and easy maintenance flooring.

Twilight Anti Slip
Twilight Anti Slip

7 tiles in this range
from £2.84 per tile

The perfect Anti Slip floor tile. Twilight comes in 7 colours and with an anti slip rating of R10 its perfect for both domestic and commercial projects.

Urban Nature
Urban Nature

6 tiles in this range
from £4.55 per tile

The most important choice of bathroom remodeling is the tile that you are about to install. The right texture, style and color can make or break the tone of the room. Nothing creates an unforgettable bath time experience like stylish bathroom tiles behind a sleek glass shower or surrounding a beautiful bath tub! What bathroom tile creates this atmosphere? Luxurious Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles from Tons of Tiles UK!

Achieve A Chic, Modern Bathroom With Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles

What's so unique about Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles? They are versatile. They can be used for a variety of themes and still achieve the look and feel you desire.

Here are a few applications for Urban Nature Tiles:

·  To achieve a soft, contemporary atmosphere

·  For a Mediterranean appearance; the warm tones create a sultry feel

·  For a clean, futuristic bathroom that impresses guests

·  To update an otherwise drab bathroom and increase the value of your home

Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles Are Low Maintenance

While Urban Nature Tiles are trendy, sleek and beautiful to look at, installing and maintaining is an absolute breeze! Because they are made of porcelain, your tiles are easy to keep clean, just a wipe of your favorite cleaning solution and you're done.

Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles are usually in stock and can be shipped out the very next day. They are also available in two sizes and two color options, there's even a matching mosaic tile for your floor or wall if you wish to mix and match to switch things up a bit.

Don't wait to spruce up your bathroom, with Urban Nature Bathroom Tiles you can take charge of your bathroom and create an enjoyable atmosphere for years to come.

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