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Order our Tiling Adhesive And Gout for all your tiling installation projects. We know the importance of properly sealing and treating tiles and this is why we have available for you, our Ultra range of grouts and adhesives. 

Tiling Adhesive And Grout
 are very important when tiling and are needed so to keep your tiles fixed and keep them looking their best for the longest possible time.

Adhesive For Laying And Sealing Tiles To Base

When laying your tiles you will definitely need a very strong and durable adhesive if you want your tiling project to remain looking its best after you have completed the installation. Our ultra range of adhesives will definitely keep your tiles sealed to the floor or wall for a long time.

For your sealing purposes we have available:

-  Ready Mixed Kitchen Wall Tile Adhesive
-  Ready Mixed Waterproof Wall Tiles Adhesive
-  PROrapid RS Rapidset Tile Adhesive in White and Grey
-  PROflex SP+EP Flexible Standardser Tile Adhesive in White and Grey
-  PROflex SP Flexible Rapidset Tile Adhesive in White and Grey
-  Prime IT EP Flexible Primer

These adhesives are shower proof, self-priming, non-slip and anti- fungal.

Tiling Grout For Filling Spaces Between Tiles

It is very important to fill the spaces that are left between tiles for uniformity and for neatening purposes.  Grout is a thick emulsion of construction material used to fill voids and seal joints between tiles and also to secure tile to its base. 

Our Ultra range includes:

Flexible Wall and Flour Grout available in:
-  White
-  Grey
-  Limestone
-  Anthracite
-  Cream

2.ProSeal IT Silicone 310ml available in:
-  Clear
-  Grey
-  Black
-  Cream
-  White

Both products are waterproof, anti-fungal, and mould resistant and the silicones are highly flexible.

Order today before 1:30 pm and your purchases will arrive on your doorstep by the next working day. For your convenience you can order at the same time as your tiles.  Renovating your home does not have to be expensive and with our products you will definitely be able to complete your project with ease.

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11 products in this range
from £10.00

Tiling Adhesives are available in powered and ready mixed form. These eight adhesives with superior flexibility are guaranteed to support the heaviest of tiles. They are available in white and grey in 20 and 15KG.

Spectacular Tiling Adhesives To Choose From

Our ready mixed and powered Tiling Adhesives are the most popular. Selecting the correct adhesive is as important as selecting the right kind of tiles. They will bond the bottom of the tiles to any desired surface. They are very easy to use which makes laying your own tiles possible. These adhesives are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use from your walls to floors- to wet and dry areas. They will fix wall and floor tiles in place without you having to worry about slippage.

Each Tiling Adhesive has great bonding strength and will provide more flexibility. They will help to increase adhesion, lower water adsorption and minimize movement due to changes in the temperature. They are fast drying and great for high traffic areas.

High Quality And Genuine Tiling Adhesive

All adhesives are of premium grade and high performance. They are made of the finest most durable materials such as cement, hardeners sand and resins which guarantee that they will have a long life. They consist of shower proof, anti-mold and non-slip technology. 

The ready mix Tile Adhesives are ideal for fixing mosaics, glass, ceramic and natural stone. Some of these adhesives can even be used under pools and with under floor heating.  This comprehensive range offers users rapid set times, great yield and allows quick grouting of the tiles.

These adhesives are widely used in the modern building industry. Our products meet various technical requirements like good adhesion of all kinds of substrates, high flexibility and excellent durability under harsh climatic conditions. They will enhance and improve the drying rate giving a firm tile set.

Order now and get a great value for your money with various depths and thickness coverage, fast drying time, quick grouting and can be used in areas of vibration, point loading and thermal shock.


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from £5.99

Complete your renovation or building project with ease! Secure your wall and floor tiles with Tiling Grout that always ensures a perfect finish.  Thoughtfully designed with frequent movement and vibration in mind, Tiling Grout is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is excellent for use with most common tile applications including natural stone, porcelain and ceramic, wall and floor tiles.

While tiling, grout is very important for filling spaces left between tiles and for neatening purposes, it is equally or even more important to seal joints between tiles and also to secure tiles to their bases, thereby maintaining a longer lasting wall or floor.  So have no fear!  Create a classy and durable finish at an affordable cost.

From a luxurious kitchen to a welcoming bathroom; a constant wet room to an always watery swimming pool; tiling grout is the ideal finish product. Yes! It is perfect for your wet rooms and swimming pools! So prevent moisture from getting under your tiles by ensuring that you finish the job with our flexible Tiling Grout that matches the colour of your tile.

Tiling Grout Available In Two Ranges

1.  Flexible Wall and Floor Grout: this is available in:
·  White
·  Grey
·  Cream
·  Limestone
·  Anthracite

2.  ProSeal IT Silicone: this is available in:
·  Clear
·  Grey
·  Black
·  Cream
·  White

Suitable For Inside And Outside  

Both products are perfect for internal and external use, and they are waterproof.  Their anti-fungal and mould resistant nature make them great for any area and any atmosphere, so you don’t have to worry about parasites that the weather or moisture may cause.  The products are also highly flexible and are suitable for under floor heating.

Order today before 1:30 pm and your purchase will arrive on your doorstep by the next working day! Order along with your tiles for your convenience.


1 products in this range
from £22.99

Our tile levelling system consists of three great products:

·  Genesis Levelling System
·  Level IT One - self levelling compound
·  Level IT One- self levelling two part compound, they will work together to give the look you want and are very simple to use.

Get A Professional Look With Good Levelling

Genesis Levelling System is taking the world by storm. It will assist with the installation of porcelain, ceramic, glass, granite and even marble tiles. This system is designed for a lippage free installation whether used on floors or walls.

This levelling system eliminates having to re-lift tiles to add more cement and it also increases the speed of the installation process.The system helps to keep the tiles in place while drying and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Level IT One - self levelling compound is the ideal leveling compound. This fine floor leveler contains the best materials like graded fillers and polymers for leveling and smoothing internal and external floors with irregular substrates before the application of the desired flooring.

Use it to create a hard level surface before applying your new flooring. It does not require much work and once the compound is spread over the tiles it does the rest.

Level IT Two - self levelling compound is a two part self-leveling compound for floors. It has excellent properties with strong adhesive properties which consist of synthetic latex and a liquid compound.  This product is suitable for use over timber, asphalt and cement floors.

Tile Levelling Will Extend The Life Of Your Tiles

Our tile leveling system and compounds will add extended durability and a polished finish to your tiles. They will not only eliminate un-even floors but also prevent slippage and cracks. They will make the flooring more comfortable to walk on and the walls smooth to the touch.

They are very affordable, reliable and will get the job done right every time. The professional products in this range are manufactured from the finest quality materials and are easy to use. They include instruction manuals to set the tiles yourself or if you are not up to the challenge a professional can be hired.

Genesis Leveling System, Level IT One- Self Leveling Compound and Level IT One- Self Leveling Two Part Compound are very versatile and can be used on almost any wall or flooring materials to provide the ‘Ultimate’ finish.

Order any product from this range for your next installation. They surely will not disappoint and you will be amazed at the dramatic transformation they will bring to any surface when applied.  These products are usually available and are ready for next working day delivery when orders are placed before 1:30pm.

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